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What Is The Perfect Rehmannia Dosage For Men Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction?

rehmannia dosage

What Is The Perfect Rehmannia Dosage For Men Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction?

The most common dream of men is to get a perfect erection and this dream can be fulfilled by taking the most appropriate Rehmannia Dosage. Doesn’t that sum up the world of men? For any man, the biggest challenge is to conquer his sexual problem.

Unfortunately, there are too many myths and misconceptions about men’s sexual function.

Most men think there is no cure for their erectile dysfunction. Surprisingly, it is widely believed that if a man starts experiencing erectile dysfunctions, it will remain for the rest of their life.

I mean, seriously?

That’s the limit of misconceptions!

I am sure you will not believe me if you have not heard of Rehmannia. So, let me tell you the facts! The beliefs that erectile dysfunction cannot be cured and it tends to remain lifelong have been proven to be nothing more than a myth by Rehmannia.

Science has proven that if you use the most appropriate Rehmannia Dosage, you can treat this problem quite easily.

All you need to do is try to find its proper dose and use it on a regular basis. Let us learn some basics about Rehmannia and its dosage for treating your erectile dysfunction.

 What Is Rehmannia?

Rehmannia, or Rehmannia glutinosa, is a beautiful flowering plant that is cultivated throughout China. It is also called Chinese foxglove or di huang. The beauty of this flower does not lie just in its attractive red flowers, but also in its unique ability to treat sexual problems affecting men.

rehmannia dosage

The distinctive and colourful Rehmannia

This herb is believed to nourish the body by providing the necessary nutrients. It also restores your sexual health by promoting the function of your adrenal glands and your kidneys.

Let us take a brief look at some of the best effects of Rehmannia that can enhance your sexual powers and treat erectile dysfunction.

  • When you use the right Rehmannia dosage for a few months, you will experience a steady improvement in your sexual abilities. This herb can support the function of your sexual and reproductive organs by increasing the production of the hormones needed for intense and gratifying sexual intercourse.

It works by improving the functions of the adrenal glands that are responsible for the production of the male hormone, testosterone. It causes a rise in the level of this hormone and improves your erections. [1]

  • Rehmannia will remove the toxins accumulated in your body by boosting the functionality of your kidneys. These toxins are known to cause considerable damage to the cells and tissues of the heart, liver, and the penis and prevent you from getting an erection.

Rehmannia can enhance your kidney functions and strengthen them. It improves the ability of your kidneys to remove toxic metabolites from the body through urine thus allowing your penis to perform its greatest function – an erection without any hindrance. [2]

rehmannia dosage

The correct Rehmannia Dosage can bring back the intimacy in your personal life.

  • Rehmannia can also control hypertension, which is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing the secretion of urine. This ensures the excess water in the body is removed thereby lowering the pressure within the circulatory system. This helps to reverse the effect of hypertension on your sexual abilities and allows you to get hard erections.
  • Diabetes, another common disease associated with the higher risk of erectile dysfunction, can also be managed very well with the help of Rehmannia. The use of an appropriate Rehmannia Dosage can control your blood sugar levels and thus, prevent the complications of diabetes such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. [3]
  • Rehmannia can increase your energy levels by providing vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients. It can reinvigorate your sexual desire and allow you to enjoy intense sexual intercourse with higher strength and energy. [4]

What Is The Best Rehmannia Dosage For Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Most men can experience a marked improvement in their sexual function by taking the standard Rehmannia Dosage of 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls once a day. However, you may have to increase or decrease the standard Rehmannia Dosage in some cases as given below:

How To Modify The Rehmannia Dosage?

  • If you suffer from a kidney disorder, you may have to take Rehmannia in a higher dose. This will help to correct the abnormalities associated with the renal functions and help you achieve faster and better results.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes and taking antidiabetic drugs, you may have to lower the Rehmannia dosage. Now, we know that both Rehmannia and the antidiabetic drugs produce a similar action on the blood sugar levels.

Rehmannia, just like the antidiabetic drugs, can reduce these levels. However, when used together, the combined blood sugar lowering effects of Rehmannia and antidiabetic drugs can lead to severe hypoglycemia. This can be prevented by using Rehmannia in a lower dose.

rehmannia dosage

Rehmannia can help with your diabetes but be careful how you use it with antidiabetic medication.

  • If you are suffering from erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculation for a very long time, increase the Rehmannia Dosage slightly as the standard dose may not help you derive faster results in this case.

I hope you no longer hold any myths and misconceptions about erectile dysfunction being an incurable disease. The scientific investigations have proven that the use of the best Rehmannia Dosage can treat this problem in a safe and effective manner.

You have also learned about how to arrive at the best dose of Rehmannia based on your specific sexual problem and other related conditions. So, what are you waiting for? Now, you have everything you need to conquer your erectile dysfunction. Just take the right step and start using the right Rehmannia Dosage to manage your problem once and for all!

Rehmannia Dosage

Why Should You Use Rehmannia For Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

If you any questions about the Rehmannia Dosage, leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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