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What Is The Most Effective Reishi Mushroom Dosage For Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Reishi mushroom dosage

What Is The Most Effective Reishi Mushroom Dosage For Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Knowing the most appropriate Reishi mushroom dosage is what you will need if you want to cure erectile dysfunction in the shortest possible time. We have no doubt about the benefits of Reishi Mushrooms for men who suffer from sexual problems.

However, the idea is not to start taking these mushrooms randomly but to have a planned strategy that will include beginning with the most appropriate Reishi mushroom dosage and titrating it based on the results.

Being aware of the healing powers Reishi mushrooms is just the first step towards a complete cure for erectile dysfunction.

The next step is to start using it in the right dose and then, adjust the dose to ensure the results are effective and long-lasting. Here’s all you need to know about the Reishi mushroom dosage for treating erectile dysfunction.

What Is Reishi Mushroom?

Reishi Mushroom is a popular medicinal fungus that has been revered for its natural health-boosting properties. In the far East, it has been claimed to be the mushroom for eternal youth and longevity.

It contains powerful antioxidants called phytochemicals that are primarily responsible for the health-promoting properties of this mushroom. [1]

Reishi mushroom dosage

The correct reishi mushroom dosage can help reverse your erectile dysfunction.

The active ingredients in Reishi mushrooms include triterpenes, and beta-glucan polysaccharides [2]. These compounds help to cure male impotence in a variety of ways as given below:

These actions of Reishi mushrooms can enable you to combat the health problems that have caused your erectile dysfunction and robbed you of your sexual pleasure.

The use of an optimum Reishi Mushroom dosage is vital for deriving these benefits. Hence, it is important to know the parameters that can help in determining the right dose of this mushroom based on your health.

Reishi Mushroom Dosage

How To Determine The Most Suitable Reishi Mushroom Dosage?

The Reishi Mushroom dosage depends on several factors as given below:

  1. Your age: the standard dose may have to be lowered if you are below 18 years or above 70 years of age.
  2. Your weight: take the supplement in a lower dose if you have a low body weight
  3. The severity of the condition for which you intend to use Reishi Mushroom: you may have to increase the Reishi Mushroom dosage if you suffer from severe erectile dysfunction to derive the desired results.
  4. The acute and chronic medical conditions you may be suffering from: It is advisable to lower the dose slightly during any acute illness like viral fever and increase the dose if you are suffering from a chronic disorder like cancer or diabetes.

The Recommended Reishi Mushroom Dosage For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Men are usually advised to use 6 to 12 grams of Reishi mushroom daily for treating erectile dysfunction effectively. If you are using a Reishi Mushroom extract, the dose may have to be adjusted depending on the amounts of the curative compounds in it.

Most products contain about 20 to 30% of the Beta-(1-3)(1-6)-glucans and 2 to 3% of Triterpenes. If you are using an extract having a high concentration of these compounds as given above, you can begin with a dose of 1/4th to 1/2 a teaspoonful per day.

You can titrate the dose slowly depending on the results you achieve. However, I would advise you to wait for at least 2 weeks once you start using this Reishi Mushroom dosage to allow it to act on your body and take care of the underlying conditions.

You may increase the dose slightly if you do not experience the desired results after this period. But make sure, you follow the waiting period rule of 2 weeks before increasing the dose the next time.

If you suffer from a chronic debilitating illness, you may have to use a higher Reishi Mushroom dosage. Also, the dose may have to be lowered if you have a very low body weight. However, it is recommended to follow a balanced nutritious diet to maintain a healthy body weight to derive faster and better results with Reishi Mushroom.

Here Are A Few FAQs About The Reishi Mushroom Dosage

  • What Is The Best Time To Take Reishi Mushrooms?

The best time to take your Reishi Mushroom dosage is in the morning on an empty stomach. You can drink a glass of water after taking the dose as it will help to enhance the effects of the supplement by improving its absorption in the stomach and intestine.

  • How Soon Can I See The Results With Reishi Mushrooms?

Normally, you should be able to notice a positive change in your sexual abilities within 10 days to two weeks of using this mushroom.

Reishi mushroom dosage

The right reishi mushroom dosage can certainly help you get it on with your partner.

However, the results may take longer to be noticeable if you are suffering from severe erectile dysfunction or a chronic illness like cancer.

  • Can I take Reishi Mushroom With The Other Medications I am using?

Yes. Reishi Mushroom is a natural supplement. Hence, you can use it safely together with your regular prescription medications for diabetes, hypertension, etc.

However, if you are prescribed any immunosuppressive drugs, it is best to stop taking this mushroom or lower the Reishi Mushroom dosage as it is known to boost the immunity. This can reduce the effectiveness of the immunosuppressive drugs.

  • Is Reishi Mushroom Safe For All Age Groups?

Yes. Reishi mushroom is safe for the men in all age groups.

These simple instructions about Reishi mushroom dosage will guide you during your natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Keep in mind this information and start using Reishi Mushroom at the most appropriate dose depending on your overall health and the medical condition.

Over a period of time, you will learn to adjust the dose to derive optimum benefits. Regular use of Reishi Mushroom based on these tips will ensure your sexual health continues to shine for year after year! It will help your erectile dysfunction and prevent the sexual problems from affecting you in the future.

Reishi Mushroom Dosage

Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement For Men Suffering From Erectile Problems.

If you have any questions regarding reishi mushroom dosage, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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