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Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol – And Help Your Sexual Function!

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol – And Help Your Sexual Function!

In this article, I talk about vegetables that reduce cholesterol. Reducing cholesterol, and the harmful low density lipoprotein is important as it helps you to prevent the build up of fatty deposits on the walls of your veins and arteries called plaques.

The build of this waxy like substance reduces the flow of blood all around your body and results in not only an inefficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to important parts of your body – it also increases blood pressure and can provoke strokes and heart attacks as well as being a cause of sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

The reduced blood flow causes less stimulation and lubrication for a woman in her special place and for men, less or poorer blood flow filling the penis results is a weaker erection.

So, for the sake of your heart’s health and your sexual health take positive steps and monitor and if necessary reduce your bad cholesterol levels and a simple way of doing this is eat more vegetables that reduce cholesterol.

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Don’t “leaf” it too late! high cholesterol can not only kill your sex life it can actually kill you!

What Are The Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol?

Before I delve straight in and start to list some delicious vegetables that reduce cholesterol that you can simply add to your daily diet allow me to add some healthy and delicious food items that and not quite vegetables but also help keep you from under that dark cloud of cholesterol!

  • Oats

You have all heard that old expression “gotta get your oats” where I am from, on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland, a common expression said between young men referring to “getting your oats” is in reference to sexual activity with the lovely young ladies!.

And if you want to continue to be “getting your oats” for many years to come you darn well might as well start the day with a bowl of oatmeal with some added fruit like a banana, apples or some strawberries.

Oats are high in soluble fibre, as are the fruits mentioned, which helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol [1].

It is much better that you get the steel cut oatmeal as it contains much more fibre and goodness for you than the regular oatmeal that is milled.

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

That is a great start to the day! bust your LDL cholesterol right from the start!


  • Barley, Rice, And Other Wholegrains

When it comes to rice, something I have almost on a daily basis for the 5 years that I lived in Thailand. The one mistake I made was not going for the healthier and better for you brown rice. To top it off it is so delicious and rich in flavour it was once reserved exclusively for only the King!

Getting more whole grains in your diet reduces your risk of heart disease and cholesterol due to the high content of soluble fibre.

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Getting much more delicious vegetables that reduce cholesterol on your plate and in your stomach is going to help you much more than reducing the levels of the bad cholesterol it is going to have a knock-on effect for other areas of your health also, due to getting more vitamins and nutrients in your body.

  • Eggplant (aubergine)

Don’t let this rather girlie vegetable fool you! This is seriously one bad assed vegetable when it comes to fixing you up in the trouser department! It is much more than a simple posh-girlie vegetable that reduces cholesterol and helps keep her slim and trim! It also contains chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is a phenolic that has been proven to increase testosterone levels by a substantial 34% [2]. What is much more interesting is that this is the very acid that is neuroprotective and helps with nerve signalling of the cholinergic nerves, neurones and neurotransmitters which are responsible for sexual arousal [3].

(Ahh, the humble eggplant – not so girlie after all huh!).

Besides the cholesterol lowering properties, it is also very good for reducing blood pressure and decreasing your risk of diabetes.

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Eggplant or aubergine as it is also more is much more than just one of those girlie vegetables that reduce cholesterol –  it helps get you (and her) get a little hot under the collar!

  • Ladyfinger (Okra)

Rather popular in Malaysia and when it comes to vegetables that reduce cholesterol the oddly named ladyfinger is rather effective at doing just that. It is low in calories, high in dietary fibre. Ladyfinger helps to lower your LDL and total cholesterol.

It contains the right nutrients in Calcium and potassium to help regulate your blood pressure as well as having anti-fatigue and anti-stress benefits [4, 5], which are big plusses for your physical and mental health respectivly.

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Ladyfinger or Okra is certainly part of the group of vegetables that reduce cholesterol and can help other causes of erectile dysfunction.

  • Tomatoes

The substance that gives fruits and vegetables their reddish or orangy colour is a compound known as lycopene. Scientists have discovered that the non pro-vitamin A carotenoid helps to break down the bad LDL cholesterol which Cloggs your arteries and veins [6].

This is great news for your cardiovascular and erectile health! even better news is very little is required on a daily basis just a mere 25mg.

Many sources of lycopene are also great for erectile dysfunction as they help improve circulation as they are high in nitrates also!. Now there is an excuse for some watermelon, grapefruit, papaya, carrots, red cherries, red berries and of course tomatoes – which have the highest concentration of lycopene.

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables high in Lycopene can help get your cardiovascular and erectile health pointing in the right direction.

  • Broccoli

A list of vegetables that reduce cholesterol and have a positive impact on your sexual health would be incomplete if broccoli was dismissed. It is not only high in the estrogen blocking compound indole 3 carbinol and contains a high amount of bioavailable zinc it also helps to reduce LDL cholesterol by 6%.

It contains also ample amounts of vitamin K, Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and Omega 3! as well as whole host of nutrients – some 24 vitamins and minerals alone, many of which are good for health issues associated with erectile dysfunction.

Interestingly one of the nutrients is Choline – which is closely associated with hypersexuality (outright raw hornyness!) [7].

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Broccoli and Eggplant (above) and much more than vegetables that reduce cholesterol they can indeed spike your sex drive thanks to the choline and chlorogenic acid respectively.

  • Spinach

Well, It does appear that Popeye knew all about vegetables that reduce cholesterol and help amp up his testosterone and enhance the flow of his blood. Spinach is an authentic ED busting super veg and for a good reason! It is full of folates and nitrates which increase your circulation and contains many of the testosterone enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Spinach is also very good for weight loss as it is high in fibre and very low in calories. This is great news as excess body fat can cause erectile dysfunction and of course high cholesterol – Spinach is great in this area too as it raises the good HDL cholesterol and reduces the bad LDL cholesterol.

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Despite his age Popeye always left Olive Oil smiling…ever wondered why or how?

Supplements That Lower Cholesterol

A healthy and nutritious diet is always going to be beneficial for your general and overall health and not only that of your cholesterol.

It is quite difficult to keep track of “did I get enough of this…or that food” with the busy modern lives that we all lead and sometimes it is just not possible to get exactly what our body required to reduce that bad plaque forming LDL cholesterol.

Me, personally, I do try to get as much of these cholesterol busters as I can from food sources but being a busy little bee buzzing around it is not always possible.

It is ok to “cheat” a little and take cholesterol lowering supplements as an insurance policy, ensuring that I am keeping your heart and your…you know what.. healthy!

Also, if you are not in the habit of a healthy diet like I was, a few cheat days and supplementation to help keep you from under that dark cloud of cholesterol is totally fine until you change old habits for newer healthier ones.

Perhaps you can find your Ideal cholesterol lowering supplement on my list of top 10 supplements that lower cholesterol. Hop on over and check them out by clicking the link or post insert below!

Vegetables That Reduce Cholesterol

Cure For Erectile Dysfunction – The Top 10 Supplements That Lower Cholesterol

If You have any questions regarding vegetables that reduce cholesterol leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,




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