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The Lesser Known Foods To Avoid For Diabetes And Erectile Problems

The Lesser Known Foods To Avoid For Diabetes And Erectile Problems

The life of a man changes a lot after he is diagnosed with diabetes and this change is largely related to being aware of the foods to avoid for diabetes. The foods they have been eating as a part of their routine life need to take a backseat as they are asked to skip them and replace them with new foods.

However, the change is not limited just to your diet. Even your sex life is going to undergo a lot of changes after the diagnosis of diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that has the potential to affect all the organs in your body and that includes your penis. It can affect the health and strength of your penis and cause erectile problems. [1]

Hence, it becomes even more important for men to be aware of the foods they must avoid to keep diabetes in control and avoid its effect on their erectile abilities and sex life. If you have already started experiencing a decline in your sexual health, read on to find the foods you should avoid to control diabetes and restore your erectile function.

The List Of Foods To Avoid For Diabetes And The Related Sexual Problems

  • Pretzels

Pretzels have been portraited as a healthy food. However, a mere glance at the list of ingredients it contains will reveal that its tag of ‘wholesome food’ is grossly undeserved!

Most brands of Pretzels contain the same basic ingredients that include corn syrup, vegetable oil, white flour, yeast, and a high amount of salt. This list makes it clear that Pretzels, a popular and so called healthy snack, is devoid of any nutrients. [2]

Yet, men, even those with diabetes and erectile problems, are attracted towards them. It is not just because they are tasty but also because they seem to be a healthier option. Health conscious men do not mind eating a bowl-full of Pretzels because these snacks are baked, and not deep fried like French fries or potato chips.

So, they are believed to contain less calories and unhealthy fats. However, I would say it is a convenient thinking on your part as you are paying attention only to its fat content and ignoring the high amount of carbs present in them.

Pretzels contain refined carbs that can affect your blood sugar levels. This can not only worsen your control on diabetes but also make you prone to develop sexual problems such as erectile difficulties and early endings.

Foods To Avoid For Diabetes

Pretzels, no good for your diabetes or your sexual difficulties.

  • Bacon

The fatty, marbled cuts of meat often carry a huge amount of saturated fats. This can only worsen your risk of diabetic complications such as erection problems. Bacon can also worsen insulin resistance and make the cells and tissues in your body less receptive to insulin by initiating an inflammatory reaction in your body. This can reduce the effectiveness of insulin resulting in high blood sugar levels.

The inflammatory reaction triggered by Bacon can also cause damage to your penis and make it weaker. This can reduce your ability to get strong erections. Hence, you are advised to include Bacon in your list of foods to avoid for diabetes. [3]

  • Whole Milk

Milk is considered a complete food as it contains all the major food groups and the essential nutrients needed by your body to function optimally. However, milk, besides being a natural source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals, also contains saturated fats that can worsen your insulin resistance.

Whole milk also contains a high amount of fats that can clog your blood vessels, even those in your penis. This can obstruct the smooth blood flow into your organ and prevent it from getting harder and more erect thus failing you in bed and leaving your partner unsatisfied.

If you want to protect your sexual health from these complications of diabetes, remember whole milk as one of the foods to avoid for diabetes and pick up low-fat or skimmed milk instead. [4]

  • Raisins

If you ever thought that raisins and other dry fruits are healthier options for controlling diabetes when compared to snacking on cakes and cookies, you have got the wrong information. Not many men know that raisins can cause a spike in their blood sugar levels.

During the dehydration process of making dry fruits from natural fruits, the carbohydrates in raisins become concentrated. So, even a small quantity of raisins may contain a much higher amount of carbs, which makes them an unhealthy option for your diabetes control.

These concentrated carbs are rapidly absorbed into your body. This can cause sudden spikes in your blood glucose levels, which is not good for your sexual health as well. The fluctuating levels of blood sugar can trigger inflammation in your penis and reduce your erectile function. That is why; dry fruits like raisins are considered the foods to avoid for diabetes.

Foods To Avoid For Diabetes

Raisins and dried fruits may not be as healthy as your first thought…

Other Foods To Avoid For Diabetes And Erectile Problems

  • Baked Goods such as crackers, nachos, chips, cookies, doughnuts, and snack cakes
  • Fried Foods such as French fries, fried chicken, potato chips, and fried dough
  • Alcohol [5]
  • Packaged Snacks

The factors that unknowingly spiral up your blood sugar levels and increase your risk of diabetes related complications are present in the food you eat. Most men start complaining of a poor erection quality following the diagnosis of diabetes.

It is not a coincidence, but a well-researched and proven mechanism that indicates how high blood sugar levels affect your sex life.

If these mechanisms have already started interfering in your bedroom life, consider it as a warning sign and make sure you pay attention to the list of foods to avoid for diabetes listed above. This could help you keep diabetes in control and allow your organ to get as hard and long as it used to be before. If you find it difficult to control your cravings for tasty, delicious foods, add herbs to your healthy diet to make your meals more palatable.

These herbs would not just make your daily menu more interesting by adding unique flavours, but also support your sexual health with their strong medicinal properties. Keeping the foods to avoid for diabetes out of your diet and replacing them with the herbs that improve your diabetes control and sexual health is indeed a great way to live a healthy, happy and sexually active life.

If you have any questions regarding the foods to avoid for diabetes, leave a comment below and I will certainly reply back.

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