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Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review – Can It Help Your Erections Get Harder?

Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review – Can It Help Your Erections Get Harder?

In this article, I ponder whether raw synergies black lion thermogenic testosterone booster can help you to get better and stronger erections, and thus help you to get your sex life back on track. One of the bonuses of this particular product I can reveal straight away is that it is a dual action product aiding as a fat burner as well as a testosterone enhancer.

This is something that I like simply because excess body fat has a negative impact on a man’s erectile function!

Do you want to find out if this product could help you to get it on in the bedroom?

Keep reading to find out!.

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review
List Price: $59.99
Price: $59.99
Guarantee: Yes!
My Rating: 9.1/10
Dosage: Take 2 capsules daily.
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: This product could be good for men who are suffering a sexual dysfunction due to low testosterone, stress, anxiety, excess body fat and lacking low energy and vitality as well as a poor libido.
Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review – Product Overview

Raw, Synergies, the company behind this particular product are an organization that specializes in natural supplements for sportsmen and women with a particular emphasis on assisting the gym enthusiast to look better, feel better and of course, perform much better when at the gym.

They do not market nor aim their product at the male sexual enhancement market sector. With this in mind, you can be 100% confident and assured that their product has no images nor wording that may suggest that you are using their product to help you to solve your sexual issues.

Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster is, as stated before, an all natural product and contains 8 ingredients which are Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, Citicoline, Theacrine, Forslean, Caffeine, Tongkat Ali (LJ 100) and Diindolylmethane (DIM).

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

The Formulation

Lets now talk about the ingredients in this product and their functionality in relation to helping you to improve your testosterone levels and your sexual dysfunction.

Let’s start with…

Fenugreek: It is documented that Fenugreek has zero incremental effect on free testosterone levels. Researchers have, however, documented that Fenugreek could have effects that assist and help your body to maintain and regulate healthy levels of the male sex hormone. Of particular note and interest to men suffering from a sexual dysfunction or a dwindling and lagging libido is that this compound was proven to significantly augment and increase sexual arousal and improved orgasms in men [1].

Citicoline: This is also known as CDP or CDP choline and is a variant of the water soluble B vitamin. It is famed as a nootropic. Research indicates that it suppresses somatostatin, a result of which documented a 4x increase in HGH in adult men [2]. Citicoline is proven to have positive effects on your hormone production with augmentation on Growth Hormone (as stated), Luteinizing Hormone and the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, all of which are produced and released by the anterior pituitary gland [3]. The Luteinizing hormone performs and sets off a reaction in the Leydig cells that lead to testosterone production.

Theacrine: This is an energy enhancing stimulant similar to that of caffeine. It increases your energy by provoking changes in adenosine signalling. Interestingly it could cause positive changes and production of dopamine by affecting dopaminergic signalling which could further enhance your energy and mood even more. Furthermore, dopamine enhancement has augmentative effects on testosterone production, particularly when some is suffering from high stress levels.

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

Diindolylmethane (DIM): This is the powerful natural estrogen blocker that is found commonly in cruciferous vegetables. Inhibiting or blocking estrogen is important for men seeking to increase testosterone levels due to excess estrogen binding to free testosterone and rendering it inert and ineffective!

In my opinion, some form of estrogen inhibition is absolutely required by anyone seeking to improve their testosterone levels. Think about it! Imagine spending your hard earned money on a product to increase your free testosterone levels and then finding that it, the product, was working…but all the extra testosterone was being bound to estrogen!

Caffeine: Believe it or not this is actually a T booster and a stimulant!. However, its functionality or modus operandi is rather complex due to it raising cortisol levels also, a hormone that counteracts testosterone. But, then, the relationship between testosterone and cortisol is not such a simple one either.

Your testicles produce and manufacture an enzyme, the 11ßHSD-1 enzyme to be exact, which under ordinary situations and circumstances protects your “twins”, your gonads from cortisol, the stress hormone.

However, during periods of chronic and prolonged stress, there is simply far too much of cortisol for that enzyme, the 11ßHSD-1 enzyme to be able to manage and during those prolonged times of stress or very high levels of stress, your body will make more of your cholesterol, the building blocks of all your hormones, available for synthesizing cortisol and less becomes available for testosterone synthesis.

In short, only when you are under prolonged periods of stress or under chronic stress will cortisol have a reductive effect on your testosterone production.

During studdies into caffeine’s effect on boosting testosterone, test subjects, who were all elite athletes, were given 4mg per kg of body weight. The result was a 12% augmentation in testosterone while cortisol shot up by over 1/5th by 21.3% [4].

Researchers in another study subjected participants to dosages of 200mg to 800mg in 200mg steps. The group undergoing 800mg dosage of caffeine experienced the greatest gains of free testosterone 19% while cortisol shot up 44% [5]. In all test groups, testosterone levels rose.

These studies are indicative of caffeine positive effects on testosterone synthesis and that cortisol’s reductive action on testosterone is not always true.

Sufferers of Sexual dysfunction may be interested to hear of the stimulant caffeine’s inhibition of Phosphodiesterase 4 Enzyme (PDE 4 enzyme). The suppression of this enzyme results in greater levels of cAMP – cyclic Adenosine MonoPhosphate, a substance known to help the relaxation of the smooth muscle in your penis and assist it to fill with blood [6] and help you get harder erections.

Defo one more cup of coffee for me!

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

Caffeine has documented positive effects on both testosterone and cAMP levels meaning it could have nice effects on your erections.

Ashwagandha: This is one of the most common and popularly known adaptogens in the herbal world known and revered for properties for a number of conditions from stress and anxiety to erectile dysfunction and testosterone enhancement! [7]. Insomnia, as well as stress, are precursors to sub par testosterone secretion.

Ashwagandha‘s function is from Gamma Amino Butyric Acid realisation, which is what helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The calming effect of GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) is from the suppressive effect and action on nerve cells preventing them from having or producing excessive activity. It is excessive neuron activity that causes you to become restless and sleepless as well as stresses and anxious. Suppressing the quantity of nerve cells from being overactive and over firing you could become far less stressed and anxious which leads to being more relaxed and achieving better rest and relaxation, thus a greater quality of sleep [8]. As a result better and greater testosterone secretion could occur.

Tongkat Ali: Perhaps the King of all testosterone enhancing herbs, and one in which is a Billion Dollar industry!. Uses of this herb include its action as an anti viral due to containing double the amount of quassinoids as aspirin. It’s anti stress effects permit it to be used for postpartum depression in Malaysia. It’s most famed and revered use is that of sexual restoration and augmenting testosterone.

The testosterone boosting benefits and effects are because the herb, in actuality, a tree root, stimulating the pituitary gland into producing a greater amount of gonadotropins which then in turn stimulate the Leydig cells, which are located in the testes, into producing more free testosterone, up to 37% more [9]. This herb also has qualities that inhibit the aromatase enzyme which means that Tongkat Ali not only helps you to increase your testosterone levels, it also helps you to keep those gains!.

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review – The Pros

What I liked about Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster:

  • It is very well formulated with herbs for boosting energy, burning fat and increasing testosterone!
  • It is a 100% natural product.
  • It is very well priced as you get estrogen blocking testosterone enhancement and fat burning product in one.
  • It is highly rated and reviewed by verified buyers on Amazon.
  • It could lead you getting better erections and an increase in your sex drive.

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

The Cons

What I did not like about Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster:

Although the product is very well formulated to increase testosterone, energy and to burn fat the inclusion of both Theacrine and caffeine could leave some users a little jittery.

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review – The Final Verdict!

9.1/10 Buy It And Try It! Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster is a very well thought out product that could be beneficial for men suffering from erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone levels and could have additional benefits for stress reduction and fat burning, both of which in addition to the testosterone enhancement could lead to improving your erectile function.

I suggest that you try Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster if your underlying causes of erectile dysfunction are related to low testosterone, stress, a lack of energy and excess body fat in the stomach area.

Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

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Raw Synergies Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review

If you have any questions regarding this Black Lion Thermogenic Testosterone Booster Review, leave a comment below and I will certainly reply back as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,



  3. Savci V Cavun (October 2004). “CDP-choline augments plasma ACTH and potentiated the stimulated release of Luteinizing Hormone, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and The Growth Hormone: the cholinergic involvement”. Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology 18 (5): 513 23.
  7. Monograph. Withania somniferous (Ashwagandha). Alt. Medicine Review. 2004;9:211–4

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