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Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction – Work With Nature To Cure Your ED!

Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction – Work With Nature To Cure Your ED!

In this article, Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction, I talk about a few different cures for ED that are effective, chemical free and completely natural.

Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction – Priapus Shot

Quick question! – Who would like a series of 6 injections right there in their penis?


Now, what if I said the injections could result in a 98% improvement in the quality of your erections, painless and could increase your size by an extra half inch in both girth and length?

Got your attention now right?

I consider the Priapus shot as a completely natural cure for erectile dysfunction as it is a series of six injections to specific areas of your penis using your own blood plasma.

Thanks to the topical anaesthetic cream applied the injections are completely painless. The injection restore the proper blood flow to and from your pocket rocket!

The quality of your erections are improved by an astounding 98%. There are no or very little side effects.

60% of men who have had the priapus shot treatment report a half inch improvement in width (girth) as well as the length of their penis. Typically results last for a year! The cost is approximately $1500

You and your partner can go the full hog and get an “O” Shot for her which increases her sensitivity to sexual stimulation and enhance her ability to orgasm and the intensity of her orgasms!

Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction

Normally an injection “down there” would scare the living sh*t out of most guys but the Priapus shot is a natural cure for erectile dysfunction!

Want to find out more about natural cures for erectile dysfunction? yes? then read on!

Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction – Penile Shock Wave Therapy

Not quite what you would expect when talking about a natural cure for erectile dysfunction, since no chemicals or pharmaceuticals are used and all it involves is sound haves I label it as a natural cure for erectile dysfunction!

There no need to worry or panic about this one, it is absolutely painless and similar treatment is used in other parts of your body as I experienced!.

Pulsed ultrasonic waves are given to 5 different areas of your penis twice weekly for 3 weeks. Then you are given a 3-week break and then the treatment resumes, totalling 9 weeks. The ultrasonic waves administered to your manhood allow for new veins to form in your penis improving the blood flow.

The cost is around $2,500+ and is currently only available in Europe.

I received similar treatment when I smashed in my femur (triple fracture and 9 fragments! – ouch!). One of the principle fractures was not fusing together correctly and ultrasonic waves were applied to cause microfractures and for the bone to regenerate. It worked – the bone finally fused itself together!

Acupuncture And Acupressure

Going along with the lines of “if it does not involve chemicals or drugs it’s natural” then both acupuncture and acupressure can be considered as a natural cure for erectile dysfunction respectively.

To put it in simple terms, you can consider acupressure as acupuncture without the needles. I do recommend both be performed by suitably qualified individuals for best results. It might be a great idea if you and your partner take a class together and learn how to perform acupressure on each other.

Acupuncture was performed on subjects twice weekly for 10 weeks. 67% of the subjects reported improvements in their erectile rigidity. No patients asked for further treatments nor medication to assist them once the trial was over!


Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are the exercising of those difficult to exercise muscles in your pelvis. The very ones that you use to halt urination! Every single woman in the world knows exactly what kegel exercises are and how they can help her both medically… and sexually!.

Kegel exercises help our lady friends to get a much firmer and better grip on your “male parts”, help her during labour and with urinary incontinence also.

Kegels helps me to get much better, stronger, more rigid and longer lasting erections.. and they also help us with premature ejaculation too! That sounds very much like a winning formula to me!

The kegel exercise device for men by private gym is most definitely something worth trying to help you to manage your erectile dysfunction in a more effective and natural way!


Herbs are probably the best known natural cure for erectile dysfunction and they work very well for me! Ginger is one such herb that is easily found and can help to boost your testosterone by a nice 17%! Very easy to take, simply spice up your foods or have a refreshing and delicious ginger tea!

More famous herbs like Tongkat Ali are effective too, much more so in my experience! Tongkat Ali is a potent testosterone enhancer, fat burner and estrogen blocker. Rather conveniently for us, this herb works with our body and stimulates it to produce more.

Click Here for more information on Tongkat Ali and how it works.

Pine Pollen tincture and Powder are powerful direct testosterone enhancers as they contain testosterone and 3 other androgens as well as 200+ nutrients, of which includes the right vitamins and minerals for boosting your testosterone levels. Both are very powerful and can be considered as a natural cure for erectile dysfunction as they, like other herbs are provided by mother nature.

And when speaking about a natural cure for erectile dysfunction it is difficult not to mention horny goat weed, which is a herb that works in the same way as viagra does, via inhibition of the nitric oxide destroying enzyme PDE 5.

Like Tongkat Ali, Pine Pollen tincture and powder, horny goat weed helps to not only improve the quality of your erections but helps to increase your sex drive also.

From high in the Himalayas, there is Shilajit resin, which helps to cure your ED in a nutrition based approach. It contains over 85 different minerals in their organic state and helps to increase testosterone by 20%, increase vitality and energy as well as your sex drive.

Like pine pollen, there are innumerous health benefits thanks to the sheer number and density of the nutrients. Shilajit resin also helps to chelate toxic non-organic minerals and heavy metals from your body naturally!

For more information about the herbs mentioned, click highlighted text.

Herbal Formulas

Herbal formulas are a very popular and effective natural cure for erectile dysfunction. There are many to chose from the two that I recommend are both well researched and formulated at treating what causes erectile dysfunction. By targeting the causes you can arrive at an effective cure and get those natural spontaneous erections back!

Which is the very reason why I created this site! To help you get natural drug free spontaneous erections back!

Proenhance patch  is a transdermal herbal patch for delivering the herbal formula in a unique and powerful way – direct to your blood stream! This is great for those that are forgetful when it comes to taking herbs on a daily basis.

Simply just wack on the herbal patch to your lower abdomen and change it every 3 days! it is water proof so for you lucky ones sex in the shower could be back on the menu! Like Vigrx Plus it is designed for long term use.

Vigrx Plusis one of the best formulated all in one tablets for erectile dysfunction I have seen! containing 9 different herbs it targets a number of different causes of the sexual dysfunction that men dread! Quite clearly this formulation is very well thought out and planned.

This one must be taken daily for the best effects, and like proenhance patch, the best effects are long term – which is naturally occurring strong erections. These are no take a pill and you are instantly cured kind of products. Best results are seen when taking for 6 to 12 months depending on the severity of your ED.

For more information about Proenhance Patch, click the link below!

Or click the post insert below for more information about Vigrx Plus

A Vigrx Plus Review

If you have any questions about natural cures for erectile dysfunction or wish to share your own natural cure for erectile dysfunction with us leave a comment below – I will be to happy to investigate it and include it in this article! sharing is caring!

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