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Insomnia And Erectile Dysfunction

Insomnia and erectile dysfunction

Insomnia And Erectile Dysfunction

In this article we are going to talk about Insomnia and erectile dysfunction, as a lack of a good nights sleep can have a negative effect on our erection quality.

Tiredness and fatigue, as well as insomnia, can be a cause of erectile dysfunction and poor overall sexual performance.

 Insomnia And Erectile Function – The Effects

The effect of insomnia on erectile function is quite dramatic and ought to be addressed immediately or as soon as you can and without delay.

For every 60 minutes of sleep that you have lost through insomnia, the rate of calcification of your penile arteries shoots up by 1/3 or 33%.

Let me rephrase that so we are loud and clear, for every hour of sleep that you lose you are increasing the rate of calcification and hardening of the arteries that bring blood to your penis by one-third.

For those that get a sound eight hours of sleep per night, a study showed that their risk of hardening of the penile arteries had reduced significantly.

You most definitely don’t want to have hardened or clogged arteries anywhere in your body.

Elevated Blood Pressure

Numerous and well-documented studies have shown and proven the link between insomnia or poor sleep quality to increased blood pressure.

High blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction and poor quality of erections.

I do hope that you beginning to see by now just how seriously a poor night’s sleep can adversely affect your erectile and penile health.

Not to mention that elevated blood pressure is linked to poor cardio health and indeed heart failure and heart attacks.

Usually at night time, our heart get a bit of a chillax and relaxes and blood pressure drops. With a lack of quality sleep, as proven in poor quality sleepers the opposite happens, blood pressure gets elevated and the heart gets no break, no rest, no chillax period.

Insomnia and erectile dysfunction

Increased Inflammation

As the level of quality of our sleep goes down, our blood pressure goes up, our penile arteries begin to harden at a greater rate.

Enough to make you restless, restless enough I hope for you to do something about your insomnia.

At that is not the end of the bad news, levels of inflammation everywhere in your body get augmented exposing you to a number of risks, including a further risk of coronary disease, Alzheimer’s, and immune system dysfunction.

Insomnia and erectile dysfunction

Decreased Testosterone Levels

A lack of sleep and proper rest results in significantly decreased levels of testosterone.

Low levels of testosterone are linked to low sex drive and poor quality erections in men.

So low-quality sleep can lead to higher blood pressure, increased inflammation, low sex drive and weak erections as well as possible heart and immune disease.

Is that all?

Nope, no sir, I do wish it was.

Stress levels are increased due to the stress hormone cortisol being augmented in insomniacs and poor quality sleepers.

That is quite scary, frightening in fact. Who would have known that insomnia could cause all of that?

Now you know why I always make sure I get good quality sleep, including my customary afternoon siesta. And you should too, at the very least for the sake of your health.

Insomnia and erectile dysfunction

Insomnia can increase your stress levels

The solution!

A short while a go, I reviewed a product, an organic herbal sleeping aid called Banyan I sleep soundly. It is quite an effective sleeping aid

It is quite an effective sleeping aid for insomniacs packed with 11 known herbs for inducing a good night’s sleep, some of which have additional benefits including increased sexual potency and testosterone levels due to containing all the right micronutrients for testosterone production.

And antioxidants also to help repair cellular damage.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article warning you of the connection and dangers of insomnia and erectile dysfunction, as well as the adverse effect insomnia, has on the rest of your health especially your heart.

Insomnia and erectile dysfunction

Banyan I Sleep Soundly Review

I sincerely hope that you go ahead, take positive action and do something about your insomnia.

If you have any questions,  leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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