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Hashmi Dawakhana Hard Rock

Hashmi Dawakhana

Hashmi Dawakhana

Today, I bring you a review of a herbal product aimed to help men with erectile dysfunction called Hard Rock erection capsules by Hashmi Dawakhana.

Hard Rock Erection Capsules by Hashmi Dawakhana Review

Product: Hard Rock Erection capsules by Hashmi Dawakhana

Price: $95 for one month supply.

Rating: 0/10

Best place to buy: It is best not to buy, however, the link is below should you wish to investigate for yourself.

Hashmi Dawakhana – Product Overview

Hard rock erection capsules by Hashmi Dawakhana, is as the name suggests a product aimed at men who have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection made by somebody called Hashmi Dawakhana.

The product allegedly contains a mix of 6 known herbs, said to help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The functionality or quality of this product, which is from Delhi India, is unknown, nor is the herbal formulation, and thus cannot be determined.

Hashmi Dawakhana – The Pros!

Unfortunately not knowing what the herbal formulation is I cannot determine what the potential benefit is.

The Cons!

Principally hiding behind some sort of secret. What is the herbal formulation? Are they Organic?

The price $95 USD is very steep for one month supply.

Hashmi Dawakhana

Sure, we have got lots of questions. What is the herbal formulation? are they organic or inorganic? why the shady spam marketing and blacklisted IP addresses?


Thumbs down Not recommended. With very little said about this product or what herbs are in the special formulation. I think this product is best avoided.

I have never come across any herbal product sold online that does not disclose what the formulation of herbs are. Be it a product for erectile dysfunction or something else. There is no need to keep the formulation as some kind of secret.

I do suspect that hard rock perhaps contains sildenafil citrate which is the active ingredient in viagra.

Having investigated this product, and done the research I could only find somewhat of a shady non-descript digital marketing plan that set off red flags and sirens in my mind.

We are talking the setting up of multiple single page websites and blogs glorifying the product with rapid quick fire instant comments all withing minutes of each other then, nothing, zero no comments for years, no site activity.

You know when you see 3 comments in the space of 5 minutes of a site being published then nothing for years afterwards something is fishy.

Spam marketing in the form of spamming similar websites and blogs, with known IP addresses that have been blacklisted for spamming.

I cross referenced the given and known IP addresses with the location of the registrant website owner of, which is very similar to the address of known and blacklisted spamming IP addresses.

Hashmi Dawakhana.

Sorry dude, John or Hashmi, or whoever you are spamming is not allowed on this site.

This is a very unprofessional practice and casts doubt upon the validity and authenticity of their products and indeed the morality of the organisation.

No marketer or company worth their salt gets involved in spam marketing. Especially product owners. It only drags down the name of the very organisation.

I would rather my readers avoid this company and their products.  There are better products available to buy online that do not participate in shady and illegal practices or spam marketing and actually disclose the herbal formulation of their products.

My Number 1 Recommendation

Proenhance patch is a herbal product recommended by Doctors and manufactured in the USA to FDA good practice guidelines.

A herbal transdermal delivery system where the herbal nutrients go directly into the bloodstream where they can be more effective with none of the benefits of the herbs lost via the digestive system.

Each patch lasts 72hrs

For more information you can read our review on Proenhance patch by clicking the post insert below

Hashmi Dawakhana

Proenhance Patch Review – Penis Patch Enhancement System

That concludes today’s review of Rock Hard erection capsules by Hashmi Dawakhana. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now

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