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How To Increase Sex Drive For Men – Roll Back The Years With New Found Libido!

How To Increase Sex Drive For Men

How To Increase Sex Drive For Men – Roll Back The Years With New Found Libido!

In this article, how to increase sex drive for men, I talk about proven methods and techniques for increasing your sexual mojo!. So, pull up a chair, pay attention, take notes and above all apply these techniques and methods as they certainly will make a difference to your libido!.

Now let’s get straight to it!

How To Increase Sex Drive For Men

It is well established that poor libido is a cause of erectile dysfunction, my job here is to show you 100% natural ways to increase that libido.

Increasing libido involves enhancing two bodily chemicals, the hormone testosterone and the neurotransmitter dopamine. Let’s focus on dopamine and then talk about testosterone.

How To Increase Dopamine Naturally!

Increasing the feel good factor and happiness brain chemical dopamine is just as important as increasing testosterone when it comes to increasing your sex drive.

The real bonus is that it is going to reduce your stress levels. Obviously, learning a few relaxation techniques is going to do wonders for your stress levels but I bet you would have never have guessed that they can also work their magic on your sex life.

Yes! that’s right the ancient and eastern practice of meditation that is becoming rather popular in the west can increase your testosterone as well as calm your mind. For me personally, it can send me into a little horny frenzy and produce some seriously solid wood when I add a little something to my meditation technique.

Simply when I am fully relaxed I focus and meditate on my muse, thinking about her and let my mind run wild – really wild!

Patchman in the video below shows you how to meditate effectively. Just add my technique of using a muse!

Watching a funny movie or great comedy can get those morphine-like endorphins running, increase dopamine levels and get you in the mood for “sexy time”.

A real bonus of watching comedy frequently is that it really puts you in a good mood and lightens your load. So go to the movie, rent one, or subscribe to NetFlix and treat your lady to a lovely night in – she might do with a bit of a laugh also!

There are a few herbs that if taken alone or together for much better effect can help to increase your dopamine levels and also have properties for helping your erectile dysfunction and sex drive. These are He Shou Wu, Mucuna Pruriens and Rhodiola Rosea

He Shou Wu works by inhibiting an enzyme that destroys dopamine upon contact – namely the MAO-B Enzyme. Mucuna Pruriens contains an amino acid that is a precursor to dopamine, Levodopa which crosses the blood brain barrier and directly increases dopamine.

Rhodiola Rosea helps to increase your resistance to physical and mental stress.

It is pretty easy to see the potential effects of combining these three herbs to reduce stress.

For more details on how to increase dopamine levels naturally read this articleIt contains far more details than I can condense here – otherwise, this article would be way too long!

Increasing Testosterone Naturally

Increasing your testosterone has a profound effect on your sex drive and erectile function. Increasing your testosterone levels is paramount to improving your sex drive. Luckily for us there are a number of natural methods to do this. Let’s talk about a few of them!

Exercise! Not any old exercise can increase your testosterone but serious heavy weight exercise where you are lifting 90 to 95% of your maximum one time lift for 5-6 repetitions and 2 to three sets. Working both your upper body and lower body in the same gym session results in a more significant increase in testosterone levels!

Plus some squats will improve circulation to your pelvis!

So, get lifting!

The Old School New Body is a simple to follow exercise program specifically designed for those of us that lead a busy life and is aimed for the 35+ year old’s who may not have as much time as other due to various commitments. There are only 4 key exercises to perform.

Spice up your life! There are many spices that help you to increase testosterone namely Ginger (17.7%) Turmeric (over 250%!). Ginger is particularly interesting due to being able to protect your gonads and the testosterone producing Leydig cells!

For best effects glup down a turmeric and ginger infusion with some added pepper as the pepper increases the absorption rate of turmeric by 2000%.

Herbs are a very effective way and indeed my preferred way of increasing testosterone. There are an incredible number of herbs that increase testosterone but here are a few that I have tried and experienced excellent results and a considerable spike in sex drive!

Tongkat Ali: Potent herb from Malaysia that is very well known for restoring sexual potency in men as well as women. This is stunningly effective when combined with horny goat weed! My sex drive shot through the roof!. Known testosterone booster that works with your body by stimulating it to produce more.

Horny Goat Weed: Famed as being the herb that works in the same way as Viagra which is via inhibition of the enzyme that destroys nitric oxide levels – the PDE 5 Enzyme. It also stimulates testosterone by making better use of the testosterone that you already have in your body.

Herbal Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

The herb that worksin the same way as Viagra!

Pine Pollen Tincture: A potent natural and direct enhancer of testosterone which actually contains testosterone, DHEA as well and two more androgens. Definitely something worth trying!.

Rhodiola Rosea: Ideal for increasing your sex drive as it helps you to deal with stress and depression rather well, helps to increase testosterone also. Potent adaptogen you should consider.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy for men (or women) is something that I do not recommend at all as you are injecting synthetic hormones into your body which your body later then depends on.

Eventually, with long-term use, your endocrine system just shuts down! It does not need to produce hormones as you are adding them artificially!

Now, what if, just what if a natural alternative for hormone replacement therapy existed? something that worked in harmony with you body stimulating it into producing more hormones bringing back the hormonal balance that you need to roll back the years to your 20 somethings.

No more need for what If’s as that something exists. It a specially designed men’s hormone mega dose package created by Lost Empire Herbs which consists of many of the aforementioned herbs, which when taken together have an amazing effect at restoring your hormonal health – and as a consequence your sex drive and erections dramatically and significantly improve!.

Keep taking it and you will forget that you ever had ED or a loss of sex drive!

How To Increase Sex Drive For Men

Natural Alternative For Hormone Replacement Therapy To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

If You have any questions about how to increase sex drive for men leave a comment below andI will get back to you as soon as I can

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