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Gotu Kola Benefits For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

gotu kola benefits

Gotu Kola Benefits For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

The Gotu Kola benefits for men can be summed up in just four words, “It Helps Erectile dysfunction!” Surprised? If you have ever heard of this herb, you must already be aware of its immense potential in enhancing your brain functions.

You will also be aware of how this herb can help you to have great intellectual powers and stabilise the emotional upheaval in your mind.

But, that’s not all. These benefits are completely gender-unbiased, which means they benefit men as well as women equally. But, all the Gotu Kola benefits are not so. It does seem to favour men more than women. It can produce a profound positive effect on the male sexual organs and improve their sexual performance.

And yes, how can we forget the most troublesome disorder for men…. I mean the erectile dysfunction! Gotu Kola takes care of that as well as helping with premature ejaculation. Let us have a look at the unique Gotu Kola benefits for men with erectile dysfunction.

What Is Gotu Kola?

Gotu Kola, or Centella Asiatica, is a small, perennial herb that grows in the wetlands of Asian countries. It is the perfect example of the rule of nature that says “The form follows functions.” It means the form or the physical appearance of a plant is indicative of its action, benefits, or functions.

gotu kola benefits

One of Gotu Kolas benefits is that it helps your brain function

In the case of Gotu Kola, it denotes the brain-like appearance of the leaves of this herb, which can be linked to its ability to cure the symptoms related to any abnormality related to this organ. It is known to boost the functions of the brain. It can increase memory, and attention span, and reduce stress.

Hence, it should come as no surprise that the ancient physicians of the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines have regarded Gotu Kola as a true adaptogen and a healing agent for the brain [1].

Gotu Kola Benefits

Gotu Kola is one of the most treasured herbal medicines that has been revered for its ability to boost the cognitive functions and maintain the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual balance.

But, the impressive list of Gotu Kola benefits goes much further than this. It has been found to empower men to have an intense sexual performance by improving their erectile dysfunction and preventing premature ejaculation. Here are the Gotu Kola benefits for the men with erectile dysfunction.

Gotu Kola Benefits For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

  • Gotu Kola is primarily used for improving the brain functions and longevity. It possesses healing and therapeutic properties that can help you to live a long and healthy life. Our brain controls all the organs in the body, including your penis. It directs the penis during sexual activity to help you get an erection. It also sends signals to the blood vessels in the penis through the nerves to ensure it is filled with enough amount of blood to cause an erection.

These functions of the brain are supported aptly by Gotu Kola. It regulates the hormonal balance in the brain thus enabling it to send the right signals at the right time to the right tissues, and organs.

So, while it makes the arteries in the penis dilate to fill the penis, it also signals the veins to constrict so that the blood stays accumulated in the organ. This is the most essential aspect of sexual intercourse that ensures your erection stays for a longer duration without causing premature ejaculation.

  • Your diet plays an important role in maintaining your health. If your diet lacks the essential nutrients, it will leave you feeling fatigued. The lack of proper nutrition is a common, yet the most neglected, cause of erectile dysfunction. A regular supply of vitamins and minerals to your body do not only help you to stay healthy but also to enhance your ability to get a good hard erection and enjoy a successful sexual intercourse.

The high nutritional content is one of the greatest Gotu kola benefits. It contains several phytochemicals such as beta-carotene, campesetol, and camphol. It is also a potent source of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, zinc, and selenium; as well as vitamins like vitamin B and C.

The high nutritional content of Gotu Kola benefits you to have a good erection by improving your energy levels and muscular strength. It maintains the high-energy levels throughout the day and prevents you from feeling physically weak at the time your mind is gearing up for sexual performance.

  • Gotu Kola acts as an adaptogen and reduces stress and anxiety. It is a rejuvenative herb that restores the functioning, and balance in your mind and body. It repairs the damaged muscles and nerves and preserves their ability to support you during sexual performance. It also reduces the effects of mental stress on your sexual health and improves your performance [2].
  • The ability of Gotu Kola to enhance the blood circulation in your penis can allow you to get a hard erection. The enhanced blood flow ensures an increased nourishment to the penile region thus making it stronger and more supportive during sexual activity. This action is supported by the enhanced functions of the heart brought about by Gotu Kola. This herb promotes the ability of the heart to pump more blood to all the organs including your penis. So, its beneficial for the brain as well as heart [3].
gotu kola benefits

What is beneficial for your brain’s health is also good for you “down there”

  • The Gotu Kola benefits for the mind includes its ability to increase your sexual desire. It can provide a great energetic boost in the bedroom by increasing your libido and eliminating mental fatigue.

Gotu Kola is indeed a veritable panacea for healing. It produces a harmonizing and balancing effect on the body, mind, and spirit thus allowing you to overcome the problems that lead to sexual dysfunctions.

These Gotu Kola benefits are enough to take you out of the myriad of sexual and personal problems created by erectile dysfunction. It can help you to get a good hard erection, every day, for year after year!

Gotu Kola Benefits

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