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Improve Your Erectile Function By Learning About The Cistanche Dosage

Cistanche Dosage

Improve Your Erectile Function By Learning About The Cistanche Dosage

The best way to begin with improving your erectile health is to learn about the Cistanche Dosage. This would be your ideal approach towards the management of your sexual problems.

The benefits of Cistanche for the men who suffer from sexual disorders have already been documented. It could help to improve your erections and enhance your sexual satisfaction.

But, you should not make haste in using this herb. It is important that you understand how to use it and its best dosage so that the results are optimum without much side effects.

This article is focused on providing information about the beneficial effects of this herb and the best Cistanche Dosage.

What Is Cistanche?

Cistanche is considered a superior sexual rejuvenator and a natural anti-ageing food. It has been documented to be a powerful aphrodisiac and a testosterone booster.  It could also produce a strong age reversing effect on your sexual abilities as well as your brain and the skin.

In ancient Chinese medicine, the extract of this herb was used as a premier tonic for nourishing the brain and improving the vitality, vigour and virility of men. [1] Here is a brief discussion about the medicinal properties of Cistanche that could help you overcome erectile problems.

Cistanche Dosage

Cistanche Tubulosa, an effective strategy for supporting your erectile health.

Beneficial Medicinal Properties Of Cistanche For The Men Suffering From Erectile Problems

  • Cistanche could be your best friend if you are struggling with getting an erection mainly due to the age factor playing on your body. As we age, our body tends to get weaker in terms of muscular force, and blood flow. As a result, you may lack the muscle power needed to get a strong erection and maintain it. The improper blood flow inhibits the filling of the penis during sexual intercourse due to which an erection may fail to occur.

Advancing age may also cause degenerative changes in the penile region due to which your ability to get an erection could take a downturn. Cistanche may be an effective herb to counter these adverse effects of ageing.

It could possibly produce an anti-ageing action on your muscles, penis, and the blood vessels and also block degenerative changes. These properties of Cistanche could help you manage your sexual problems effectively and help you get hard erections. [2]

  • Clinical trials have indicated that Cistanche could exert a signifying free radical scavenging action. It may also promote the SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) activity. It could inhibit lipid peroxidation, and block the process of oxidative degradation of the healthy lipids by the free-radicals.

These actions of Cistanche may be attributed to the presence of strong antioxidants in it. This property could help to protect your penis against the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative degradation thus restoring your ability to get a hard erection.

  • Regular use of the ideal Cistanche Dosage may result in an improvement in your brain function. It has potential to inhibit the degenerative changes in your brain and also support its ability to send impulses to the penis during intercourse.

This herb could also promote the functions of the nerves and encourage their ability to carry out their function of transmitting impulses to your penis in an efficient way. This could enable you to get a harder erection. [3]

  • Cistanche has been used historically, and even today, to manage sexual difficulties that stem out of the lack of sexual desire. There have been instances where wise women have used their knowledge of herbs and secretly administered the extract of this herb to their partners to enhance their sexual abilities.

They could benefit from this secret act as the aphrodisiac properties of the herb encouraged the sexual desire of their partners and allowed them to achieve a powerful erection. This could leave not just the men but even the women satisfied with a great orgasm for night after night!

You may start using the right Cistanche Dosage to enjoy this dual effect of its aphrodisiac action on your sexual desire and your partner’s sexual satisfaction. [4].

What Is The Optimum Cistanche Dosage For Erectile Difficulties?

The usual recommended Cistanche Dosage is half or one teaspoonful (one or two grams), once a day. You may consume it directly or add it to hot water, or any other healthy drink. The dose of this herb may need to be modified in certain cases as mentioned below:

How To Modify The Cistanche Dosage?

  • You may start using Cistanche in a lower dose if you are suffering from a vision problem. Cistanche may cause blurred vision. This side effect could be more common in the men who suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness. Hence, it is best to lower the Cistanche dosage in these cases to minimize its adverse effects on the health of your eyes.
  • Some men may experience a rise in their body temperature due to the use of this herb. In case, you develop this side effect; you may lower the Cistanche Dosage slightly for a few days. You may raise the dose after a week or two. This could allow your body sufficient time to adjust to the effects of Cistanche.
  • If you are over 50, you may use Cistanche in a higher dose. The anti-ageing benefit of this herb could help you overcome the sexual difficulties that come up with advancing age.

The proper use of Cistanche on a regular basis could be the key to achieving long-term and effective results for the management of sexual problems.

Though this herb is not known to cause any serious side effects, it is advisable to keep in mind the factors mentioned above that necessitate the lowering of the Cistanche Dosage. This helps you avoid the mild unpleasant effects of this herb on your eyesight and overall health.

Once you are able to find the most appropriate dose of Cistanche that suits your age and medical conditions, you may be able to derive optimum results. Do not wait anymore! You may start using the optimum Cistanche Dosage and enjoy stronger and long-lasting erections with heightened sexual satisfaction for both yourself and your partner.

Cistanche Dosage

Simple Facts About Cistanche Tubulosa And Its Action For Improving Erectile Function

If you have any questions about the Cistanche Dosage, leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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