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Adam Secret Male Enhancement Supplement Review!

Adam secret male enhancement supplement

Adam Secret Male Enhancement Supplement Review!

In this article, Adam secret male enhancement supplement review I review a product that is selling rather well on Amazon and catching a lot of attention – particularly mine! Is it worth trying? Can Adam’s secret help your sexual dysfunction? Will it help you to get better erections?

Read on to find out!

Adam Secret Male Enhancement Supplement

Adam Secret Male Enhancement 1500 100% Natural Male Libido Performance Enhancement 10 Pills/pk
List Price: $29.65
Price: $29.65
My Rating: 9/10
Dosage: 1 Capsule 2hrs before sexual activity!
Guarantee: Yes
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: helping men with low testosterone, a lack of energy and vitality. Improving blood flow and helping the penis to fill with blood much easier, reducing recovery time between erections and enhancing sex drive.
Adam Secret Male Enhancement

Adam Secret Male Enhancer – Product Overview

Getting straight to the point, this product is not exactly what you would describe as discreetly package as the writing on the front clearly states what you are using the product for and what it is – a 100% natural sexual stimulant.

So, if you and offspring around that are at that curious age you may want to make sure that you keep the box well away from prying eyes to avoid any possible embarrassment.

Adam’s secret male enhancement supplement is as stated on the packaging 100% natural and is a herbal aid aimed at helping men to get better, stronger longer lasting erections.

The formula consists of a proprietary blend of 9 herbs plus B-complex Vitamins, Vitamin E and the Amino Acid L Arginine as well as some additional herbs including Catuaba Bark, Tribulus Terrestris, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Damiana Extract, Horny goat weed extract and Saw Palmetto.

The proprietary blend consists of Epimedium Sagetatum, Coleus Froshkholii, Maca Extract, Niacin, Ginkgo leaf extract, Zinc, Stinging Nettle, Tongkat Ali, and Cnidium Monnieri.

All in all that is a heck of a lot of herbs for just one capsule!

Adam Secret Male Enhancement Supplement – The Herbs

The Herbal and Vitamin formula in Adams secret is most definitely very well thought out containing a number of herbs known to help erectile dysfunction and treat the underlying symptoms that may be causing the sexual dysfunction.

The addition of nutrients Zinc and B complex Vitamins Of B1, B2 and B6 is highly beneficial in energy and testosterone production which can help you during the act of making sweet love with your partner.

The Proprietary Blend (100mg): This contains a blend of 7 herbs plus Niacin which is Vitamin B3 and Zinc. Quite clearly this is not in an ideal dosage of either of the herbs involved as with Tongkat Ali you need at least 100mg daily for this herb to be effective at treating sexual dysfunction. Ginkgo Biloba 120mg is required 3x daily for a sufficient treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin B3 100mg alone is the RDA and Zinc 50mg.  despite the rather impressive list of herbs – and the herbs listed are good for treating sexual dysfunctions in men but quite clearly and evidently there is not enough of any of the herbs in the proprietary blend to help your pecker to pack a punch!

Adam Secret Male Enhancement

Adam secret male enhancement’s proprietary blend is pretty weak and puny it packs very little punch!

The Additional Herbs

Although the proprietary blend at a mere 100mg total of all the herbs and nutrients is pretty feeble this product, Adams secret does contain a few more herbs in appropriate dosages. These herbs are as follows.

Tribulus Terresteris: Although polemic in testosterone enhancement circles in relation to does it or does it not increase testosterone levels. The answer is a plain and simple no! There is no gain in the levels of the erection enhancing male sex hormone.

This herb does, however, help to make your existing levels of the hormone more effective by enhancing and increasing the androgen receptor density in your brain [1] meaning you can experience the benefits of having elevated testosterone without actually increasing your T levels or putting your endocrine system out of balance.

Catuaba Bark: This is a herb that has been catching my attention lately. It’s multifunctional in its approach to helping correct erectile dysfunction as it a vasodilator, helping to enhance the flow of blood to where it matters most for sufferers of sexual dysfunction![2].

Catuaba Bark can also help to enhance the pleasure that you get from sexual intercourse by enhancing your sensitivity to the feel good brain chemical dopamine, which can also augment your sex drive and sexual desire [3]. This Brazillian herb can also help repair damage in your manhood caused by free radicles.

Adam Secret Male Enhancement

I got a feeling you are going to love Catuaba Bark and its effects.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa: This is a lichen that can be found in a variety of different parts of the world and can indeed be a very effective remedy for men suffering from erectile dysfunction especially if the root cause is low nitric oxide levels and poor circulation in general.

The active compounds 4-methylipiperazines and epiditiopiperazinedione have been clinically proven to be effective inhibitors of the PDE-5 enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide [4]. This is the very method and modus operandi of common ED medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Damiana Extract: This herb works by relaxing the smooth muscle of your penis and allowing it to fill easier with blood and thus causing you to get a good hard erection. This is a similar mechanism of action of Viagra, which functions by means of PDE-5 inhibition and relaxation of the smooth muscle in the penis, however, Viagra is able to achieve a 46% relaxation of the arteries that fill the penis with blood, which is fairly moderate.

Damiana, on the other hand, is able to achieve a 90% relaxation of the arteries on average [5] – pretty much double that of the famed blue pills. Damiana Extract can also assist your recovery period between erections and ejaculations [6] by reducing the period of time taken, essentially meaning your recovery period between love making sessions is reduced and less waiting time.

Horny Goat Weed: Like Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, this herb is also a known and proven PDE-5 inhibitor and goes a step further than just inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide it also, with long term use upregulates the genes associated with nitric oxide production giving a two-pronged attack on poor circulation and low nitric oxide levels [7].

Horny goat weed also helps to enhance your sex drive by acting as a mimetic of the sex drive and erection inducing hormone testosterone.

Sexual arousal and sexual responsiveness is enhanced thanks to the herbs ability to inhibit another enzyme the AChE enzyme [8]. In brief, horny goat weed can help to improve your circulation, enhance nitric oxide levels as well as boost your sex drive and sexual arousal.

Saw Palmetto: Clinical studies in Germany point towards this herb being an effective treatment for an enlarged prostate and is a medical treatment for such condition in the Central European nation. Research on both sides of the pond, the Atlantic ocean, have proven that Saw Palmetto to every bit as effective or only ever so slightly less effective a treatment than the Proscar drug [9].

Saw Palmetto functions by blocking your bodies production of estrogen and proestrogen. It also reduces and inhibits the conversion of the hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

For ED this is effective as the levels of the sex drive and erection enhancing hormone testosterone is increased and the reduction of estrogens in means that there is much less of the female sex hormone to bind to free testosterone and render it inert.

L Arginine: An amino acid that aids protein synthesis and enhances nitric oxide production via the eNOS process. Enhances circulation and regulates blood pressure. An excellent addition to any supplement especially ones that contain PDE 5 Inhibitors – increase nitric oxide directly and then help to maintain the levels high for longer!

Adam Secret Male Enhancement Supplement – The Pros

What I liked about Adam secret male enhancement supplement.

  • It is very well formulated to help you get harder erections.
  • Helps to augment your libido.
  • Contains two potent PDE 5 inhibitors.
  • Helps To relax the smooth muscle in your penis making it easier for blood to flow there.
  • Contains herbs and an amino acid to help improve the flow of your blood.
  • It has nutrients to help give you a natural energy boost.
  • It can help to stimulate testosterone production in your body.
  • Can help with high cholesterol. poor blood flow, high blood pressure and low testosterone.
  • Very well priced and very affordable.
  • Discreetly delivered – only you know the package contents.
  • It can potentially help you have some betweens the sheets fun with your wife or girlfriend.

Adam’s Secret Male Enhancement Supplement – The Cons

What I did not like about Adam secret male enhancement supplement.

  • The package design is not discreet.
  • The proprietary blend of herbs is rather weak at 100mg

These are only two minor sets backs. Even though the proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients is rather weak at only 100mg this is more than made up for with the 6 additional herbs being in appropriate doses and effective enough to help most people with their erectile dysfunction.

And personally, I kind of prefer my herbs to be discreetly packaged so that only I and my partner know what it is being used for.

Adam Secret Male Enhancement Supplement – The Final Verdict

9/10 Buy It And Try It. Although I am critical of the lack of potency in the proprietary blend the other herbs in the product more than makes up for the shortfall.

With compounds that increase your testosterone and others that mimic testosterone and help make your androgens more effective there really should be enough of the male sex hormone circulating in your body to ensure a good firm erection and appropriately a nice augmentation of your sex drive.

This is of course in addition to the other actions of this herbal formula which helps to increase your levels of the erection enhancing and circulation boosting molecule nitric oxide, maintain that elevated level of nitric oxide, and help relax the smooth muscle of your penis allowing it to become engorged with blood far easier.

This is of course not withstanding the formulas ability to help enhance your energy levels as well as reduce the recovery time between erections. I do suggest that you try Adam’s male enhancement supplement to help you win back your sex life.

At the very affordable price of the supplement and the fact it is backed by a money back guarantee you have little to miss out on other than some adult fun with your partner!

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Adam Secret Male Enhancement

If you have any questions about Adam secret male enhancement pills, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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