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Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol And Improve Your Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol

Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol And Improve Your Erectile Dysfunction

In this article, I talk about vitamins that help lower cholesterol. Lowering your cholesterol levels can help you to get better blood flow to, well, you know where! and help you to achieve a better stronger erection.

The prime danger of high cholesterol is that it can and will clog your arteries and restrict your blood flow increasing your risk of cardiac arrest or having a stroke. Anything that affects the flow of blood can result is sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness and painful intercourse for women.

I have mentioned it before on this site that ED can often be an early warning sign of poor heart health.

Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol

  • Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 which is also known as Niacin is one of the better and most effective vitamins that help lower cholesterol. It functions by increasing your levels of High Density Lipoproteins (HDL – the good cholesterol). It can work on its own or in conjunction with statins[1].

It goes to work in your liver affecting the liver’s production of blood fats. Studies have proven that vitamin B3 can reduce Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL  the bad cholesterol) by 10% and increase HDL (the good cholesterol) by between 20% and 30% while at the same time reducing triglycerides by 25%[2]

Food Sources: Breast is best! and not only refers to the breast feeding of your offspring by your partner but to Turkey and Chicken breast, which are both high in Vitamin B3 content. Peanuts, mushrooms, tuna and liver are great sources also.

Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol

Turkey contains ample amounts of one of the best vitamins that help lower cholesterol

  • Vitamin B5

Also known as Pantothenic acid. This vitamin has been proven by a clinical research team at Princeton to have positive effects at lowering total cholesterol as well as bad LDL cholesterol levels[3].

The advantage of vitamin B5 is that it is an effective treatment for lowering cholesterol that avoids the side effects of synthetic drugs like Zocor, Crestor and Lipitor. Vitamin B5 reduces the stickiness of your blood allowing it to flow better and further reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Food Sources: Chicken liver, sunflower seeds, avocados, salmon, corn and broccoli are all natural sources of vitamin B5. Be sure to get plenty in your diet on a daily basis.

Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol

Broccoli is excellent for us as it not only contains vitamins that help lower cholesterol it has plenty zinc and indole 3 carbinol too!

  • Vitamin B12

Research indicates that taking this vitamin daily reduces your cholesterol levels and further benefits your cardiovascular health by decreasing your risk of atherosclerosis which is the build up of plaque on your arteries[4]. Vitamin B12 is much better absorbed by your body when taken with other B complex vitamins and plays an important role in your central nervous system.

Food Sources: Red meat, shellfish, beef liver, low fat dairy products, cheese, eggs, mackerel, sardines and cereals that are fortified with vitamin B12.

Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol

A healthy portion of salmon can help you to lower your bad cholesterol levels.

  • Vitamin C

Although this is not and can’t be thought of as one of the vitamins that help lower cholesterol, it does however when taken in high concentrations (3,000 to 5,000 mg daily) and with the amino acid lysine reduces arterial plaque, which is the build up of cholesterol on your artery walls.

As well as taking steps to reduce your cholesterol you ought to consider steps to reduce and remove the build up of arterial plaque as this will not only help save you from future heart disease but help you to get stronger better erections.

Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol – Conclusion

Vitamin B group of vitamins have long been established at helping erectile dysfunction and some long-term studies are planned for their use, especially vitamin B3 as an alternative to erectile dysfunction drugs. I, for one, am keeping my eyes open to see the results of the clinical trials.

They, the B complex of vitamins, also play a key role in energy production for your body and at enhancing your testosterone levels and improving your circulation – particularly in the case of high cholesterol. So do “be sure” “to be” getting your “B complex” of vitamins!

Vitamins That Help Lower Cholesterol

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If you have any questions about vitamins that help lower cholesterol, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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