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Nutratech Vialus Spray Review – Can It Help Your Erection Problems And Help Get You Harder?

Vialus Spray Review

Nutratech Vialus Spray Review – Can It Help Your Erection Problems And Help Get You Harder?

In this article, Nutratech Vialus Spray Review, I give you an in depth review of quite a unique product that is on the market and available from the highly trusted Amazon marketplace.

Vialus is a 100% herbal and natural product that is aimed at those of us seeking some male enhancement and assistance with erectile dysfunction. Being a spray it offers a unique method of delivery that may act faster than your regular supplements.

But could it help you to get stronger and harder erections?

…read on to find out!

Nutratech Vialus Spray Review

Vialus –Sublingual Fast Acting Male Testosterone Booster to Improve Size, Energy, and Stamina with a Fast Acting Formula, Safe Alternative to Prescriptions.
List Price: $39.99
Price: $39.99
Guarantee: Yes!
My Rating: 9.3/10
Dosage: Take 5 sprays below your tongue twice daily, an additional 5 sprays can be taken half an hour prior to sexual activity if needed. Hold the spray under your tongue for 2 mins then swallow.
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: This product could be good for men who’s causes of erectile dysfunction is caused by low testosterone levels, high cholesterol, poor circulation, high blood pressure or a low sex drive.

Nutratech Vialus Spray – Product Overview

Nutratech’s sublingual male enhancement spray is most definitely what I would call discreetly packaged with absolutely zero indication that you are using this product to improve your sex life, sexual performance or indeed to get better erections that are both harder and last longer. Being a product that is available on Amazon it is shipped very discreetly in their standard manilla coloured box. Nobody, not even the postman or delivery man will know what is inside the box or what you are using it for.

As stated earlier in the opening paragraph this product is a natural product as its functionality is derived from a concoction of 5 natural herbs and one amino acid.

The herbs are Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Aloe Vera, Tribulus Terresteris and Lu Rong. The product also contains the amino acid L Arginine.

Vialus spray is manufactured in the USA using FDA approved ingredients and to GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices Standard. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Vialus Spray Review – The Herbal Formula Detailed

Let’s talk now in greater detail about the herbs and amino acid in the formula and their modus operandi in relation to helping male sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction, starting with….

Tongkat Ali: The herb Tongkat Ali is also known as Longjack in English and botanically as Eurycoma Longifolia. It is well respected synthesiser of testosterone, a hormone that is known to increase sex drive, help men to get harder erections, and assist with premature ejaculations as well as boost vitality, energy, vigour and reduce fatigue, stress and body fat.

This herb functions in a completely natural way which is by stimulating firstly the pituitary gland into releasing more gonadotropins which are closely associated with increased testosterone levels. Two particular gonadotropins released in greater quantities when taking Tongkat Ali are the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and the Luteinizing Hormone (LH). These two hormones and gonadotropins are very much always present when testosterone is increased. The Luteinizing Hormone stimulates the Leydig cells in your gonads and sets off an on going chain reaction which stimulates them, the Leydig cells, into producing more bioavailable free testosterone for your body to make use of. Studies have shown Tongkat Ali could increase free testosterone by as much as 37%, [1], which is quite a substantial increase.

Tribulus Terresteris: A polemic herb that is still beneficial for enhancing testosterone despite blood serum tests proving that it does not increase your levels of free testosterone. It does help users to get the maximum effect and efficiency from the existing testosterone that is already in their body by increasing the density of the androgen receptors [2] that are located in the hippocampus region of the brain.

This is a pretty good thing in my opinion! Get the maximum possible benefit from the testosterone from your body before and during any attempt to enhance levels of the hormone. Quite legitimately you could call this testosterone optimisation or indeed hormone optimisation!. It makes perfect sense to obtain optimal levels and to optimise the effect of a hormone that is known to increase your sex drive, improve erection quality and enhance your sexual performance!

Aloe Vera: I am as surprised as you are to see this common soothing plant to be included in a formulation for erectile dysfunction. However, Aloe Vera has the potential to act in a number of ways that could help you with the underlying causes of your erectile dysfunction. It can help to reduce and regulate high blood pressure, improve circulation and help to control your cholesterol levels by lowering the bad LDL cholesterol and raising the good HDL cholesterol levels all of which is good news for men seeking to improve their erections [3]. Rather interestingly aloe vera could also help our women with vaginal lubrication and yeast infection issues.

Vialus Spray Review

The spikey plant aloe vera could cause a serious beneficial spike in your sex life!

Horny Goat Weed: This is the second of three herbs that I look for in any natural viagra, herbal viagra or any type of product aimed at helping us men to get firmer, harder and longer lasting erections. Horny goat weed or Epimedium as it is also known provides a multifaceted attack on erectile dysfunction and male sexual disorders.

The prime functionality of this herbs is thanks to the presence of the active compound Icariin, which acts as an inhibitor of an enzyme, the PDE 5 enzyme, that breaks down the circulation boosting nitric oxide upon contact. This, the suppression of the breakdown of nitric oxide is what helps to improve circulation and is how those little blue pills of viagra function in your body to help you to get better erections.

Epimedium or horny goat weed as it is better known, has the ability to go a step or two further than Viagra as it could assist in the upregulation of the genes that are closely associated with production of the circulation enhancing nitric oxide [4]. For the upregulation of the genes connected to nitric oxide production long term daily use, typically 9 months to one year is required.

A secondary function of this herb is that it could help to give your sex drive a nice push in the right direction by functioning not as a testosterone booster but as a mimicker of testosterone. This means that it mimics testosterone in your body but does not actually increase testosterone. This makes it a great herb to use in conjunction with Tribulus Terresteris (above) to help your body to optimise testosterone levels and effectiveness without actually increasing the amount free testosterone in your body.

The third function of horny goat weed is that it could give your sexuality and state of sexual arousal a boost by enhancing your state of sexual arousal. The herb achieves this by suppressing the AChE enzyme [5]. The AcHE enzyme destroys the cholinergic group of neurotransmitters that are associated with being in a state of sexual arousal. Inhibiting the breakdown of the cholinergic neurotransmitters has the potential for augmenting your state of sexual arousal.

Lu Rong: Perhaps you know this better as deer velvet antler, which is as the name suggests, the soft velvet like hairs that grow on the antlers of a deer. There is little scientific evidence and studies to prove the effectiveness of this substance in relation to testosterone enhancement and helping men with erectile dysfunction.

However, there was study involving 16 men suffering from psychogenic impotence, 13 of the men in this study noted improvements in their condition [6]. In another study, athletes were given a compound extracted from Lu Rong and an increase in dynamic work potential was noted [7]. This increase in dynamic work potential could be indicative not only of strength gains but of elevated nitric oxide levels, the very substance that improves circulation and erection quality.

L Arginine: This is a circulation boosting amino acid that can improve the quality of your erections by improving the blood flow to your penis. I can personally attest to the effect of taking 6-10 grams daily for this substance for prolong periods of time. The amino acid L arginine is documented to assist men to improve the quality of their erections when taking between 6-10 grams daily for a period of 3 months [8]. L Arginine also has positive effects of the regulation of high blood pressure. Other health benefits of L Arginine include detoxification of the kidneys which could also result in improved testosterone production as the adrenal glands, which alongside the gonads, is responsible for the production of testosterone.

It makes perfect sense that good kidney health equates to better erections and greater masculinity. This is in fact, one of the baselines of Traditional Chinese Medicine where for erectile dysfunction they place focus on increasing jing energy which is located in the kidneys and of good kidney health.

Vialus Spray Review – The Pros

What I liked about Nutratech Vialus Spray.

  • It is very affordable!
  • It is super easy to take!
  • Fast acting!
  • It can improve circulation
  • It can enhance and optimise your testosterone levels.
  • It can lead to better, harder and longer lasting erections.
  • It can have positive effects on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels!
  • It is discreetly packaged and delivered!.
  • It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

Vialus Spray Review – The Cons!

What I did not like about Nutratech Vialus Spray.

  • May interact with medication that you are taking for high blood pressure and cause your blood pressure to become too low.

Nutrateach Vialus Spray Review – The Final Verdict!

9.3/10 Buy It And Try It!. Nutratech Vialus Spray is most definitely a product that could help you to get better and harder erections, especially if you are taking it long term and on a twice daily basis as indicated. This manner of taking Vialus Sublingual Male Enhancement Spray could help to address what is causing your erectile dysfunction and help you to get on the road to full erectile recovery and start to enjoy natural spontaneous and rock hard erections!

The fact that the product is a sublingual spray allows the nutrients and active compounds to be delivered directly into your bloodstream makes it fast acting and ideal if you need that extra dose 30 mins prior to some between the sheets fun. Simply just take the additional dosage and give your lovely partner half an hour (at least) of good quality foreplay while you wait for the additional effect to kick in and enjoy some serious and well deserved adult fun!


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