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Mushroom Tincture For Erectile Dysfunction

Mushroom Tincture

Mushroom Tincture For Erectile Dysfunction

The Mushroom Tincture is probably the best thing you’re not even using at this point. The dietary supplement industry is on the rise, but most consumers are still focused on buying products in the form of capsules.

There is no need to limit yourself like that because dietary supplements come in the form of powders and tinctures too. Tinctures are incredibly practical, and they carry a number of health benefits.

What about tincture containing mushrooms? Why should you use it? You’ll get your answers below.

What Is A Mushroom Tincture, Exactly?

Mushroom Alchemy Tincture is a truly interesting product made by Lost Empire Herbs, one of the most well-known dietary supplement brands on the market. This is a spagyric liquid extract meaning it’s not some regular herbal tincture.

The primary difference between herbal and spagyric tinctures is that the first ones alcoholic extracts of a plant or plants. Alcoholic extracts are not that practical because they damage the integrity of an extracted substance.

On the flip side, spagyrics process a plant so it can retain its nutritional content.

Why mushrooms, you wonder? Well, it could be down to the fact they are one of the oldest organisms on the planet.

At the same time, mushrooms form symbiotic relationships with trees, plants, and other organisms and when it happens, they do the whole immune system work for their allies so they can obtain nutrients they need.

The tincture contains seven different types of mushrooms such as lion’s mane, Chaga, turkey tail, reishi, artist’s conk, shiitake, and maitake.

Best Mushroom Tincture

DNA Damage Inhibition

DNA damage is defined as an alteration in the chemical structure of DNA, and it causes changes in the structure of the genetic material.

At the same time, it disables the replication mechanism from performing and functioning properly. DNA damage can increase the risk of many health conditions including cancer. Even erectile difficulties could be caused by problems at a molecular level [1], studies reveal.

This only shows that weak erections are a much deeper problem than most men think. Fortunately, regular use of the tincture can help you out. Medicinal herbs are well-known for their potential to stop or address DNA damage, particularly Chaga mushroom [2].


The term immunomodulation speaks for itself – it refers to the ability of the compound to modulate the immunity. The immune system is the body’s defence against infectious organisms and other invaders.

It keeps you healthy and allows different systems in the body to function. The impaired immune system causes a domino effect or chain of reactions that result in some health problem that affects your everyday life.

A growing body of evidence confirms that the immune system has an influence on the risk of erectile difficulties.

When an infection induces an immune response the concentration of circulating inflammatory markers increases and causes changes in the vessel wall by influencing endothelial function [3].

These changes prevent penile tissues from getting enough blood to get engorged properly. Fortunately, medicinal mushrooms found in this tincture can boost immune system [4] and thereby help improve the hardness of your erection.

Antioxidant Properties Of Mushroom Tincture

Antioxidants usually remind us of skin care because we are swamped with commercials about products that claim to destroy free radicals and provide antioxidant support. Well, guess what, you need them for your penis too.

Oxidative stress caused by free radicals can exhibit a negative impact on your blood flow and thereby affect the quality of your erections. Oxidative products can accumulate in the erectile tissue and make it difficult to achieve or maintain your erection [5].

There’s no reason to say goodbye to your sex life yet because this tincture can help you avoid this problem too. How? It’s simple; medicinal mushrooms have a strong antioxidant potential [6].

Other Benefits Of The Tincture

Due to the fact that mushrooms included in this tincture work on a cellular and molecular level, users can expect a plethora of benefits with regular use.

These positive effects go beyond a stronger immune system and extend to the ability of tincture to lower inflammation and help manage fatigue. Since a hectic lifestyle makes us exhausted, supplementation with this tincture can provide an energy boost you need to function properly.

The tincture can also aid regulation of blood sugar, support heart health, and aid management of depression and anxiety.

All these problems are also closely related to erection and quality of sexual performance. Basically, regular use of the tincture can not only make you healthier, but it can also boost erectile strength in an indirect manner.

The tincture doesn’t mask symptoms like pills, and it takes care of the root causes of your health struggles including erection.

 How To Take The Tincture?

Okay, at this point you’re interested in the tincture but aren’t sure how to take it. What makes tinctures so unique is that their ease of use. Lost Empire herbs recommend taking one dropper twice a day. A dropper equals 15 drops.

This is a starting dose and, since the product is safe and natural, you may want to increase the dosage gradually. Make sure you don’t overdo it though. If you take a dropper twice a day, the bottle will last about 20 days.

Where Did Lost Empire Herbs Get Their Mushrooms?

An increasing popularity of dietary supplements and lack of stricter regulation are the reason why many brands believe it’s okay to use some low-quality extracts only, without having to do deal with the plant itself. Lost Empire Herbs is different.

All fungi used in this mushroom tincture are from America. While reishi and shiitake are cultivated, other five mushrooms (maitake, chaga, lion’s mane, turkey tail, and artist’s conk) are wildcrafted.


Mushroom Alchemy Tincture from Lost Empire Herbs is the premier product of this kind on the market thanks to the quality of fungi used for the tincture and other factors. Regular use of this tincture can make you healthier, happier, and better in bed.

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