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Insomnia Foods To Avoid

Insomnia foods to avoid

Insomnia Foods To Avoid

In previous articles, I have mentioned foods that can help you to get some sleep. In those articles, I mentioned some delicious foods such as fresh fruits, some types of nuts and vegetables as well as meats and poultry.

The purpose of this article “insomnia foods to avoid” is to inform you about which foods are best avoided if you want to cure your night time restlessness.

Insomnia Foods To Avoid

Some of the foods in this list should be obvious and others not so obvious. I hope, that you are already eliminating or have already eliminated the obvious ones from your diet or at very least your evening eating habits.

If it is your diet and choice of food that is keeping you awake at night, just exchange the “bad” foods for some of the “good” foods mentioned in this article, foods that can help with insomnia.

Hamburgers And Beefburgers With Chips!

“would you like insomnia with that?” perhaps should be the phrase used at local fast food outlets.

High-fat foods are not doing us any favours in the bedroom department, nor the trouser department either! Cut them out or cut them down to a once in a while treat.

Heavy meals like most fast foods are should be eaten no later than 4 hours before you lay down for the night as heavy meals cause a disruption in our sleep cycle due to stimulating digestion which in turn can lead to nocturnal toilet trips!

Insomnia foods to avoid

“would you like insomnia with that?:

Water Or Any Fluids

Seriously, fluids are best avoided not just right before bedtime but for few hours beforehand as you will want to avoid frequent nighttime trips to the John (toilet).

That is something that is fairly simple that may be breaking your sleep cycle unnecessarily! and something I really ought to adhere to more often!

Insomnia foods to avoid

Cutting fluids at night can cut out the night time toilet trips.

High Protein Foods

High protein foods should be avoided or kept to a minimum at night time. High fat – high protein foods can be great for the daytime but most definitely not for the night time as they are much more difficult for the body to digest and break down.

Insomnia foods to avoid

Juicy delicious steak daytime delight, but a nighttime disaster.

Very Filling Spicy Foods

Trying to sleep or lay down for the night with a full stomach can be not the most comfortable feeling. A full stomach at night and spicy food is a recipe for heartburn.

Insomnia foods to avoid

Spicy foods are best avoided at night


Caffeine in drinks such as coca-cola, Pepsi, energy drinks and Coffee should be avoided after 17:00 hrs if you want to get to sleep at night as the caffeine stimulates the body and will make it difficult for you to get some sleep.

Caffeine in hidden sources such as chocolate should be avoided also. It would be wise to check to check with your Doctor if any medications that you may be taking contain stimulants.

Insomnia foods to avoid

Tea, Coffee, and other caffeinated drinks should be avoided in the evening.

That concludes this article “Insomnia foods to avoid” If you are still struggling to get a good nights sleep it, may be wise to make a small investment in a more comfortable mattress. You can check out my review on what I feel are the best, most comfortable and very well priced memory foam mattresses.

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Insomnia Foods To Avoid

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I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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