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How You May Improve The He Shou Wu Health Benefits For Managing Erectile Difficulties?

He Shou Wu Health Benefits

How You May Improve The He Shou Wu Health Benefits For Managing Erectile Difficulties?

If you want to gain optimum results from the He Shou Wu Health Benefits within a shorter duration of time, you must take it in the right dose. He Shou Wu is a natural remedy that has been documented to improve male sexual functions. It may help to manage erectile difficulties and early ejaculation.

You may also use it to ensure your erectile abilities are not lost with advancing age.

However, these He Shou Wu Health Benefits could be yours if you take it in the right amount. In this article, we will discuss the different mechanisms of action of He Shou Wu that could help to improve your sexual abilities and the optimum dose recommended for you depending on your age, general health, and other factors.

What Is He Shou Wu?

He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum), sometimes called Fo-ti root, is an important traditional Chinese herb classified as a tonic for improving your longevity, fertility, stamina, and virility. [1]

It is a popular adaptogen, which could modulate the production and release of hormones in the body, tonify the kidneys and boost your sexual desire.

Well…. That’s not all!

He Shou Wu may have much more to offer to the men who are struggling with getting hard erections. Here are the different ways by which the He Shou Wu Health Benefits could support you during your sexual endeavors.

He Shou Wu Health Benefits.

He Shou Wu root.

He Shou Wu Health Benefits For Managing Erectile Difficulties

  • Men usually suffer from erectile difficulties due to two common reasons. The first one could be the lack of energy and the second, anxiety, stress, or depression. In the first case, you may need to take steps to energize your body with vigor and stamina, a job usually done by stimulants. In the second case, you may need to do just the opposite! You may have to calm down the heightened senses by creating a sedative or soothing effect.

What would you do if you are suffering from erectile difficulties due to the lack of energy as well as stress?

The answer is simple; you can take He Shou Wu!

He Shou Wu may produce a dual action on your body and mind. It may increase your energy levels and improve your stamina and strength. This could help you to perform like a proper little stud muffin!

He Shou Wu Health Benefits

One of He Shou Wu Benefits is that it could help to relieve your fatigue.

He Shou Wu could also have the ability to calm or sedate the irritated nerves and stressed out thoughts. It may protect you from the harmful effects of mental stress and lessen your risk of depression and anxiety disorders.

So, irrespective of the cause of your erectile difficulties, you may rely on the He Shou Wu Health Benefits to restore your erectile abilities and improve your health.

  • One of the greatest He Shou Wu Health Benefits may be attributed to its anti-ageing properties. It could offer several advantages such as DNA repair and protection, longevity and slower degeneration. [2]

It may stimulate the cells to produce several longevity-promoting substances such as superoxide dismutase that could be credited with reversing numerous acute and chronic ailments including erectile difficulties and cancer.

It may extend the lifespan of individuals by inhibiting degenerative changes in the brain and restraining an enzyme called MAO-B. These incredible health benefits could promote health, and wellness, and preserve your ability to get a hard erection. [3]

  • He Shou Wu may be a powerful, yet gentle, sexual tonic and an aphrodisiac. It could stimulate and harmonize the adrenal gland function and promote the overall endocrine system balance. [4]

It may support a healthy testosterone production while subduing the estrogen production. These actions of He Shou Wu could be beneficial in the management of erectile difficulties.

The Optimum Dose For Deriving Better He Shou Wu Health Benefits

The standard recommended dose of He Shou Wu is about half or one teaspoon to be taken two times a day. You may mix it in water or any fresh fruit juices. However, before you start using it, read carefully the factors mentioned below that may demand you to raise or lower the dose of He Shou Wu to obtain better results and lesser side effects.

  • He Shou Wu may cause loose motions in some men. If you develop such side effects, lower the dose temporarily. It may allow some time to the body to adjust to the effect of He Shou Wu. You may increase the dose once the side effect subsides.
  • If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or ulcerative colitis, you may use He Shou Wu in a lower dose as the laxative effect of this herb could worsen the symptoms of these conditions.
  • What’s your age? If you are less than 50, you may use the standard dose. However, if you have crossed 50 years of age barrier, you may have to switch to a higher dose as your body may need a greater push to negate the effects of ageing that have already begun taking place.

He Shou Wu may have the ability to change the tracks of your life from erectile difficulties to intense erections and ultimate orgasms. It could fuel your sexual abilities and allow you to enjoy a very hard and long-lasting erection.

Its anti-ageing property could ensure the He Shou Wu health benefits stay with you even during your older age. It may not allow your increasing age to reflect upon your sexual health.

The sooner you start taking this herb, the greater may be the benefits you would be able to enjoy in your autumn years.  So, do not waste your precious time and start using He Shou Wu and put some spring into your step and of course your sex life!

He Shou Wu Health Benefits

Should You Or Should Not You Use He Shou Wu For Erections?

If you have any questions about the He Shou Wu Health Benefits, leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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