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Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol – Lower Your Cholesterol And Raise Your Mojo!

Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol – Lower Your Cholesterol And Raise Your Mojo!

Unfortunately, there are many delicious foods that we all enjoy the taste of but all too often those momentary pleasures are detrimental to our health due to being high in the wrong type of fats and leading to cholesterol problems.

In this article, I try to solve this problem by talking about foods that reduce bad cholesterol.

The problem with the bad cholesterol, the LDL, or Lowly Desireable as I like to call it, is that it causes the build up of plaques which inhibit and restrict the flow of blood everywhere. I do mean EVERYWHERE! from a ladies “hoo-haa” to a gentleman’s “doo-dah!”.

The effects are much greater that just poor heart and circulation health and the negative effect on your sex life due to a lack of stimulation (for her) or lack or erection (for him).

High cholesterol affects your zest for life, your vitality and energy levels are affected also mainly down to poor distribution of nutrients and vital hormones to the places where they work their wonders.

This is why I really like to hammer home the importance of controlling your cholesterol as it affects much more that your cardiovascular health and your ability to keep on enjoying the “horizontal lambada” for many years to come.

It affects your mojo..that zest and lust for life, the drive and strive to thrive that is at the essence of every man and woman’s very being.

Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Let’s get you from under that cholesterol cloud by talking about some foods that reduce bad cholesterol. Before I start it is important to mention that there are two types of cholesterol, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

The good stuff is Highly Desireable, High Density Lipoprotein and the bad stuff as mentioned is the Lowly Desireable Lipoproteins, and that is actually a great way of memorising which is which Lowly Desireable (LDL) and Highly Desireable (HDL).

  • Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol – Chocolate!

I can see a few raised eyebrows here – chocolate lowers cholesterol? Absolutely! Chocolate is one of the foods that reduce bad cholesterol and is actually a bonafide, genuine, and authentic superfood – if and that is a big if – you get the right stuff!

I am not talking about the regular chocolate here nor the expensive stuff either but the raw organic Cacao! which is essentially chocolate as nature intended it to be – free from the tonnes of added sugar and full of nutrients and flavonoids and antioxidants that lower the bad cholesterol!

Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Raw Cacao should belong to that special category of foods that reduce bad cholesterol and snap knicker elastic!

  • Avocados

These have a rather girlie food reputation about them and unjustifiably so! It’s the darn main ingredient in guacamole! The oleic acid helps to lower that bad LDL cholesterol. A slice or two on your turkey or chicken sandwich can go a long way to reducing your cholesterol.

Delicious, tasty and most certainly one of the foods that reduce bad cholesterol that is very easy to get a lot of. No excuses!

  • Tea!

Not quite a food I hear you say, but green tea, as well as one one of my favourites,  ginger tea, contain powerful antioxidants and compounds that help to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

I prefer ginger simply because I have it sugar-free and of course free from dairy products like milk and cream! Black tea is also effective at reducing cholesterol but not as much as Green tea.

Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Tea it up when it comes to foods that reduce bad cholesterol – exchange your coffee habit for a green tea one!

  • Nuts

High cholesterol can be a swift kick in the nuts for your sex life – how ironic that you can control it with..nuts! Just a handful of nuts every day can reduce your bad LDL cholesterol by 5%! Now that is what I call a healthy between meals snack option! Go grab a handful of nuts and go for the low salt variety as they are much healthier.

  • Wholegrains

Oatmeal, Barley and Brown rice all have a lot of fibre, which is clinically proven to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol by means of reducing the absorption of the LDL cholesterol into the blood stream. It is a great idea for you to switch your regular bread and rice for whole grain brown version.

If you are like me and really enjoy Italian cuisine buy the whole grain variety of pasta. In the mornings enjoy your oatmeal with some high fibre fruits like apples and bananas. These little changes are easy to make and will make big changes to your cholesterol levels. Remember to switch that morning coffee for a green tea too!

Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol

When it comes to selecting and getting more foods that reduce bad cholesterol in your diet sometimes all you need is to make some simple and healthy changes like exchanging white bread for whole grain brown bread.

  • Fish

I am a big fish lover, especially salmon, tuna and sardines. Luckily for me, these are all high in omega 3 fatty acids. Theses fatty acids assist in reducing triglycerides in the blood stream.

Don’t fry such delicious fish take the healthy option and grill, bake or one of my recent faves – steam it to keep it healthy.

Aim to have fish 2 or 3 times per week, which should be fairly easy when we are talking about 21 meals weekly and only 3 with fish. If you want the fancy nancy option – swordfish! not only very delicious but very high in omega 3’s also.

  • Olive Oil

A staple hold in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet and so very easy to get plenty of it in your diet daily! Just mix it with red wine vinegar, a clove or two of minced garlic and voila – a great salad dressing!

The Spaniards and Italians even drizzle some of this heart healthy oil on their baked or steamed fish and braise vegetables with it.

The feverant Catalans make a delicious bread with it – Pan tomaque – simply baguette style bread sliced and with tomato rubbed on it with a drizzle of olive oil! Olive oil It is great for lowering LDL cholesterol levels its very versatile and easy to use.

Foods That Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Olive Oil, one of the most versatile foods that reduce bad cholesterol

Supplements That Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol

After reading this article you should have a good idea of what are the foods that reduce bad cholesterol and are perhaps already thinking about which ones help you to get those cholesterol numbers under control.

The inspiration and motivation for doing so is pretty obvious – your health, not only cardiovascular health but sexual health also as cholesterol can lead to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and losing your zest and vitality for life.

With it being a little difficult for some of us, myself included, to maintain a healthy diet and stick to the straight and narrow supplementation is a good idea as you just never know if you are getting enough of the good stuff to kick LDL cholesterol into touch!.

Also, and my concern personally, busy lifestyles tend to lead us to just popping out for a quick bite and without realising it – boom cholesterol number are up! That cheeky bun at the bakery, or the pizza for dinner or delivery or take away because you had to work a few extra hours at the office and no time to cook a healthy meal all adds up to poor future heart and erectile health.

Personally, I take supplements that are known to reduce cholesterol as an insurance for some off day, the odd bad eating habit and to help keep my LDL bad cholesterol in check. It would very much be a good idea if you do too.

I have prepared a short list of my top 10 supplements that lower cholesterolPop on over and check it out!, you might just find your ideal supplement on that list and help to keep those bad cholesterol numbers under control.

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Cure For Erectile Dysfunction – The Top 10 Supplements That Lower Cholesterol

If you have any questions about foods that reduce bad cholesterol, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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