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Do You Want To Know The Best Tongkat Ali Dosage For Your Erectile Health?

tongkat ali dosage for ED

Do You Want To Know The Best Tongkat Ali Dosage For Your Erectile Health?

If you know the best Tongkat Ali Dosage For improving your erections, you may consider yourself lucky. The positive action Tongkat Ali could produce on your sexual abilities has been indicated during clinical research.

Yet, most men are not able to use it to their advantage simply because they are not aware of how exactly to use it. We tend to believe that just taking it in the standard dose would suffice for improving their sexual functions.

However, the fact is it’s not that simple!

There are many factors that require you to change the Tongkat Ali Dosage for potentially improving your sexual abilities to ensure better and longer-lasting results.

If you want to maximize the sexual benefits from Tongkat Ali, read on to find the best way to consume this herb.

What Is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali, popularly called the Longjack and bearing the scientific name, Eurycoma Longifolia, has been used for several years for its aphrodisiac and erection boosting qualities.

This herb grows widely in the forests of the South-East Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Natives in these regions have relied on Tongkat Ali for managing their sexual problems. Let us see how this herb can help in improving your erectile function.

tongkat ali dosage for ED

The right Tongkat Ali dosage can be beneficial for your erectile health.

The Benefits Of Using The Best Tongkat Ali Dosage For Sexual Health

  • Tongkat Ali could help to reverse andropause in men. Andropause is a state that can be compared to what women suffer due to menopause. Just like women, who experience a reduced interest in sexual activity, mental fatigue and anxiety during menopausal period, men too experience the same symptoms during andropause.

These symptoms may occur due to the lowered production of testosterone as a result of advancing age. Tongkat Ali could suppress the conditions associated with andropause such as lack of libido, reduced energy levels, mental fatigue, and increased body fat.

tongkat ali dosage for ED

Accumulation of body fat and weaker erections as we age can be the result of reduced testosterone levels

It may work by inhibiting the age-related reduction in the testosterone synthesis. These effects of Tongkat Ali may help you defy the effects of age and preserve your ability to get an erection. [1]

  • Tongkat Ali could support the production of healthy testosterone levels in your body. The higher testosterone levels could result in improved functions of this hormone such as your sexual performance, erectile abilities, semen production, and muscle growth. It could quite possibly help you to get hard erections with stronger muscular force to help the act end with an orgasm.
  • Tongkat Ali is best-known for its aphrodisiac qualities. A regular use of the right Tongkat Ali Dosage For erectile health may cause a rise in your sexual activity. Men who use this herb tend to experience a higher sex drive, harder erections, stronger ejaculation and overall improved sexual activity.

Some More Benefits Of Using The Best Tongkat Ali Dosage For Improving Erectile Function

  • Tongkat Ali may produce an antioxidant action and protect your penis against oxidative damage. [2]
  • It may increase the bone health and thus, improve the body’s strength. This could result in stronger erections that could leave your partner asking for more!
  • It may reduce your risk of anxiety and depression that are associated with erectile difficulties. [3]
  • Tongkat Ali may produce an anti-inflammatory action, which is useful for blocking infections and healing injuries in your penis. [4]

What Is The Standard Recommended Tongkat Ali Dosage For Managing Erectile Difficulties?

The usual recommended Tongkat Ali Dosage is 100 mg twice daily. This is a standard dose that could produce the desired results for most men. Tongkat Ali can also produce a strong hormonal effect. Hence, I would advise you to use it in a cyclic manner.

You can take the standard Tongkat Ali Dosage five days a week followed by a gap of 2 days. Repeat this cycle.

You could start noticing the difference in your erections within one to three weeks of beginning the use of this herb. You may have to increase or decrease the dose of Tongkat Ali in some situations as mentioned below:

How To Modify The Tongkat Ali Dosage For Improving Your Erections

  • The most peculiar side effect of Tongkat Ali is it may cause undesired erections. Though this herb is primarily used for the purpose of increasing your sexual pleasure and experiences, sexual arousal at the wrong moment may create undue anxiety and discomfort. If you start experiencing such instances when the erections develop at an inappropriate time, lower the Tongkat Ali dosage slightly.
  • Tongkat Ali in bitter in taste. You can neutralize this taste by adding a spoonful of honey to the powder. However, if you still find the taste to be too unbearable, try using it in a lower dose. You may increase the dose once you get adapted to the taste.
  • If you are suffering from cancer, Tongkat Ali may take a longer time to show the desired results. In such a case, you may increase the dose slightly, or take it on a daily basis instead of the aforementioned cyclic manner.

If you thought you could take Tongkat Ali in any manner to be able to get hard erections, you are probably right. The powerful medicinal properties of this herb could help you to enhance your sexual abilities.

But, these results might not be satisfactory or may be short lasting, if you take it in a smaller dose. You may develop some unpleasant side effects if you use it in a very high dose.

That is why; it is extremely essential that you take the most appropriate Tongkat Ali Dosage to improve your sexual and erectile health with maximum effectiveness, longer-lasting results, and freedom from side effects.

You can start using Tongkat Ali in a dose based on the factors mentioned above to enjoy its multiple sexual benefits, especially harder erections and intense orgasms.

Tongkat Ali Dosage For ED

How Effective Is Tongkat Ali For Your Erectile Health?

If you have any questions regarding Tongkat Ali Dosage For ED, leave a comment below and I will reply back to you as quickly as I can.

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