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At What He Shou Wu Powder Dosage, You Can Get The Hardest Erections?

He Shou Wu Powder Dosage Powder

At What He Shou Wu Powder Dosage, You Can Get The Hardest Erections?

When the problem is related to your erectile function, you should not make any compromises about the He Shou Wu Powder Dosage. You know it very well that this herb has the potential to help you get hard erections.

It possesses strong medicinal properties that could lead you to harder erections and orgasms.

But, do you really believe that you can simply consume the powder in any dose, and your erections will become hard in a jiffy? Of course, not! The natural herbal power of He Shou Wu lays in the key ingredients it possesses.

What if the dose you take does not have sufficient amounts of these key compounds needed to promote your erections?

And these ingredients, while being highly beneficial, do produce a few side effects as well. So, it won’t be wise to just use the powder without giving a thought to its right dosage.

If you want to avoid any side effects and let your erections be the hardest, you must not compromise on the dose of He Shou Wu powder.

If you agree with me, read further to find more about the most effective and safest He Shou Wu dose for promoting your erections.

What Is He Shou Wu?

He Shou Wu, scientifically called Polygonum Multiflorum, is a popular herb traditionally used in China as a sex tonic. Men have been using the extracts of this herb for several centuries to make their erections harder and enhance their longevity, sexual stamina, and endurance. [1]

Regular use of the optimum He Shou Wu Powder Dosage could provide you several benefits, thanks to the rich nutritional and therapeutic benefits of this herb. Let me reveal some more details about the medicinal potential of this herb, specifically related to your erectile health.

How Does The Right He Shou Wu Powder Dosage Promote Your Erectile Potency?

  • What happens in your penis at the time of sex is determined by your brain. Hence, if you want to get your work done down there, you need to please the boss up there! Using He Shou Wu is an effective option you have to achieve this purpose.

This herb has the potential to stimulate your brain cells by releasing a higher amount of the longevity promoting compounds like superoxide dismutase. This could protect the brain against age related damage and promote your brains functions including your erections and ejaculations.

  • He Shou Wu could support the production of testosterone by the adrenal glands thereby enhancing your male sexual characteristics such as the ability to get stronger erections and a higher libido. [2] [3]
  • He Shou Wu could inhibit an enzyme called MAO-B that could damage your penis thus keeping your erectile powers intact. This could strengthen your erections and promote healthy ejaculations. [4]
  • Feeling weak and feeling sexually aroused are two completely different things that can never co-exist. If you want to feel sexually aroused and get harder erections, you much first chuck out the feeling of weakness. And this could be achieved by using He Shou Wu!

He Shou has the potential to promote your energy, sexual stamina and endurance thus allowing you to feel as if sex is oozing all over your body, through your mind, passing to your penis!

  • Age is another factor that can set you back in the field of sex and erections. As your age increases, your erectile health declines because of the degenerative changes occurring in your body. These changes make your penis weaker and less able to become hard and erect!

This is when using the right He Shou Wu Powder Dosage could help you. This herb has anti-ageing properties that could support your erectile function by slowing down the degeneration. [5]

He Shou Wu Powder Dosage

You can’t hide from the effects of ageing, but you could delay it’s effects on your sex life.

How To Calculate The He Shou Wu Powder Dosage For Managing Your Sexual Problems?

Most men derive great results with the standard recommended He Shou Wu Powder Dosage, which is just half to one teaspoon. Yes, it’s just a half or one teaspoonful of the powder that you need to take, twice a day.

He Shou Wu from Lost Empire Herbs offers a10:1 Full-Spectrum extraction of the high quality herb. This ensures the medicinal potential of the herb is extracted fully into the powder making it powerful enough to help you get better erections.

You can mix the powder in water or fresh fruit juices. Let’s learn more about the He Shou Wu dosage to avoid the side effects and improve your erectile health.

Factors That Require A Change In The Standard He Shou Wu Dosage

Once you begin with the standard dose, wait for 2 to 3 weeks and notice the changes in your erections. If you feel the erections are not satisfactory and there is still some more potential for hardness, you may raise the He Shou Wu dosage slightly.

He Shou Wu possesses laxative properties due to which you might develop a few annoying side effects such as abdominal discomfort and loose motions. In such a case, just lower the He Shou Wu dosage temporarily to allow your digestive system some time to adapt to the laxative effect.

He Shou Wu might aggravate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Hence, if you suffer from these ailments, use this powder in a slightly lower dose.

Never be under the belief that the more you use, the better will be the results, at least not with He Shou Wu! You just need to use the right dosage that is neither too high nor too low.

In case you happen to use a higher dose, you might develop some side effects that would force you to stop using the herb for a few days. You surely don’t want both to happen! You do not want to develop any side effects, and you also do not want to stop using He Shou Wu.

Because this can cause interruptions in the way this herb works. This might mean you will need a longer time to derive the expected results.

Hence, if you want your erections to be the hardest, make sure you use this powder in an optimum dose. Now, the all you need to do is get yourself your share of He Shou Wu and calculate the dosage specific for your sexual problems.

Use it on a regular basis, change the dose as and when needed, and enjoy uninterrupted sex life!

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If you have any questions regarding the He Shou Wu Powder Dosage, leave a comment below and I will be certain to get back to you with a reply as soon as I can.

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