Best pillow for insomnia review

Best pillow for insomnia

Having in a previous article reviewed what I feel to be the Best memory foam mattress to help you get a great night sleep.  The perfect addition to your new memory foam mattress would be what I feel is the best pillow for insomnia, a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. 

Just imagine how comfortable that would be already sleeping like you are on a cloud, and then you add a memory foam pillow. Nice, soft, like you are drifting on a cloud! and you’ll be drifting off to sleep in no time.

Best pillow for insomnia review

Product: Shredded Memory foam pillow by Coop home goods

Price: $56.99 King Size, $49.99 Queen Size. Free Shipping!

Rating: It’s Cloud 9 out of 10!

Best place to buy: Amazon

Guarantee: Yes, 30 days.

Additional Information: CertiPUR-US Certified/5 year warranty

Best pillow for insomnia

Product Overview

Shredded Memory foam pillow by Coop home goods is as the name suggests a pillow made out of the same memory foam that can be found in memory foam mattresses.

Unlike other pillows they contour to the shape and contour of your head ensuring greater comfort.

Made in the USA, the outer cover is made from 60% polyester and 40% Bamboo.

Dust mite and hypoallergenic resistant. and free from ozone damaging chemicals and fire retardants as well as heaving metals such as mercury and lead.

Unlike other memory foam pillows is fully machine washable. And will not go flat. 5-year warranty assures you of that.


The pros and the cons

In order to give you an accurate and balanced review, I must talk about the good and the bad points. Let’s get the ball rolling and start with the good points.

The Pros

Here are the great points about Shredded memory pillow by Coop Home goods, and why I believe it to be the best pillow for insomnia.

  • Contours to you, individually speaking.
  • It’s like resting your head on the softest of  clouds!
  • Actually helped keep me cool during the night
  • Shredded foam allows for greater breathability than standard one-piece memory foam pillows and allows for greater contour of your head.
  • Highly rated.
  • Machine washable, great for cleanliness!
  • Dust mite resistant!
  • Free delivery and well priced  for a memory foam pillow.
  • 30-day guarantee and 5-year warranty!

7,335 people can’t be wrong. 88% of reviewers rate this shredded foam pillow as 4 stars or more

The Cons

There were not a lot of downsides to this type of pillow, however, there were a few, namely

  • When first bought you have to let it air out for a day or two
  • Although not a bad point, once you have tried the forbidden apple of a shredded memory foam pillow there is no going back to ordinary pillows! When I am heading for a weekend trip away, I even pack the pillows!

The Verdict.

This type of pillow is, without doubt, and in my humble opinion simply the best pillow for insomniacs and everyone else period!

This gets a (cloud) 9 out of 10 rating as you really feel like your head is rested on a cloud. I have the benefit of using a shredded memory foam pillow on a 10-inch memory foam mattress. The effect really is amazing, the sensation is like I am just floating, so soft and comfortable, really like being on a fluffy little cloud, drifting away

I initially bought just one king sized pillow just to trial this type of pillow, then very quickly, after about a week ordered 2 more!

Highly recommended! especially if insomnia is the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

For more information about shredded memory foam pillows click the link below.

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That concludes this article on what I truly believe to be the best pillow for insomnia. If you require more information on memory foam mattress click the post insert below,

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I hope that you enjoyed this review, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

It’ll be like you are on a cloud. Like Mick Jagger sang “hey, you get off of my cloud!”

Talk soon



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