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Test X180 Review – Can Force Factor Test X180 Get You Hard?

Test X180 Review

Test X180 Review – Can Force Factor Test X180 Get You Hard?

In this article, Test X180 Review, I give a detailed review of a very popular testosterone enhancing product on Amazon by Force Factor. It is 100% natural product aimed at both the gym enthusiast wishing to bulk up and build muscle mass and for men seeking an enhancement in their libido.

This product offers a performance enhancement for both parties – In the gym for the fitness lovers and between the sheets for those seeking to improve their erectile function!.

What are the herbs in the formula?

How do the herbs work?

Should you try this product?

Read on to find out?

Test X180 Review

Test X180 Free Testosterone Booster with Testofen to Increase Free Testosterone, Build Lean Muscle, and Improve Performance, Force Factor, 60 Count
List Price: $34.91
Price: $34.91
My Rating: 9.4/10
Dosage: Take one capsule in the morning and a second in the afternoon
Guarantee: Yes
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: Increasing testosterone levels, enhancing libido and erectile function. Can help with enhancing blood flow, regulating blood pressure, blood sugar levels and reducing cholesterol. Could also help you with premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction.

Test X180 Review – Product Overview

Force Factor Test X180 comes in a beautifully designed and attractive bottle and is somewhat discreet. The words “Boost sex drive and libido” as well as “enhance performance” appear on the bottle underneath the phrase “maximise muscle mass” meaning it not exactly obvious that the product is one of sexual enhancement or specifically for men with erectile difficulties.

It actually appears to be more of a gym supplement than anything else.

Test X180 contains Vitamins B6, B12 and vitamin D as well as their growth enhancement matrix of herbs which consists of Cordyceps Sinensis, Panax Ginseng, Tribulus Terresteris, Testofen and Eleuthero (AKA Siberian Ginseng).

Let’s talk in greater detail about the vitamins and herbs that make up force factor test x180 supplement.

Test X180 Review – The Formula

This product does appear to be well formulated to increase testosterone levels, which is an important hormone for enhancing the rigidity of your erections as well as reducing stress, increasing sex drive, vigour, energy and vitality.

The real question still arises is this product, force factor test X180 good for men suffering from sexual dysfunction?

To answer that question let’s discuss the formula in greater detail.

Vitamin B6: This vitamin from the B complex group of vitamins has a mechanism of action that works with testosterone improving the functionality of testosterone receptor cells [1].

This vitamin is also good for improving your lipid profile [2] meaning it can help you to reduce your total and bad cholesterol levels. This helps sufferers of both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as high cholesterol is a cause of both conditions by means of reduced blood flow.

Vitamin B12: This vitamin crosses the blood brain barrier and is associated with the metabolism of lipids meaning it is great for helping to control your cholesterol levels, which in turn helps to improve the quality of your erections. It also improves sperm motility and concentration which is associated with increased levels of testosterone [3].

Vitamin B12 is protective of testicular function.

Vitamin D: This Vitamin regulates over one thousand bodily functions including the functions that are related to sexual function, hormone secretion, growth and fertility. If your vitamin D levels are low it suffices to say that over 1000 of your bodily functions will be affected.

A long term clinical study lasting one year proved a 25% increase in total and free testosterone levels in the group that was supplementing daily. with 3,332 international units of the vitamins, which is 83 micrograms [4].


Cordyceps Sinensis: This is a very rare kind of fungus, a mushroom that is grown on Caterpillars and is known to have very significant benefits in relation to enhancing testosterone production [5].

It is also a vasorelaxant meaning that the rare hard to find mushroom helps to open up veins and arteries, which improves circulation and the flow of blood [6]. It can also stimulate the release of nitric oxide [5], [7], a substance that is necessary for an erection to occur.

Panax Ginseng: This is a questionable herb when it comes to the augmentation of testosterone levels as there is just as much scientific and medical data that suggests that it is and that it is not a testosterone booster.

My own personal take is that since it helps to regulate high blood sugar levels [8] and that sugar is known to cause a reduction in free testosterone levels therefore in those who have high blood sugar levels Panax Ginseng could cause an increase in testosterone, like wise those who have blood sugar levels within a normal range no real increase in T levels will be experienced.

When it comes the sexual dysfunction and the restoration of libido Panax Ginseng is effective for both men and women. Studies have proven successfully that this herb could be an effective natural treatment for both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation [9].

Test X180 Review

Panax Ginseng, an effective treatment for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Testofen: Studies and research indicate that Testofen is not quite a testosterone enhancer but helps to assist in maintaining normal healthy testosterone levels, however, Testofen causes a significant augmentation in sexual arousal as well as orgasm and sense of overall well being in men [10].

Testofen is quite simply fenugreek seeds at a standardised 50% extract of fenusides.

Tribulus Terresteris: This herb is a little controversial in its use as a Testosterone booster, and quite rightly so as it DOES NOT increase serum testosterone – as proven by blood test results.

What Tribulus Terresteris does do is make your existing testosterone and other androgens more effective by increasing the androgen receptor density, which is located in the hippocampus area of your brain – and it increases the androgen receptor density by as much as 58% [11].

Eleuthero: Also known as Siberian Ginseng. It improves circulation across your whole body, improves nitric oxide levels and reduces the effects of stress hormone cortisol while improving physical performance and stamina as well as increasing testosterone levels [12].

Test X180 Review – The Pros

What I liked about Force Factor Test X180

  • Discreetly designed packaging
  • It is very well formulated and effective for treating erectile dysfunction
  • Can help you to get harder longer lasting erections with continued use.
  • Can help to increase your sex drive.
  • Treats underlying causes of erectile dysfunction such as low testosterone and poor circulation effectively.
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Helps to improve your cholesterol levels also.
  • Very affordable to take on a daily basis.
  • Can help with premature ejaculation also.

Test X180 Review – The Cons

What I did not like about Force Factor Test X180.

  • May not be suitable for all sufferers of erectile dysfunction – especially those who have normal and healthy testosterone levels.
  • It may take some men a week or two before results are noticed and felt.

These are only two minor drawbacks. If you have testosterone levels within the normal range – congratulations you probably won’t need this product and your cause of ED probably lies else where. And as always, patience, patience and more patience, keep taking the product. The name of the game here is in the long term to get back those hard erections naturally.

Force Factor Test X180 Review – The Final Verdict

9.4/10 Buy It And Try It! Test X180 is most certainly very well designed for enhancing and improving your testosterone production and thus enhancing the hardness factor of your erections and contains some herbs with qualities to help give your sexual performance a very nice boost.

If you are suffering from low testosterone levels or on the other side of 35 years old and experiencing dwindling testosterone levels then I highly suggest that you test out Test X180 and help yourself to get back that enjoyable and satisfying sex life that both you and your partner fully deserve.

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If you have any questions regarding this Test X180 Review, Leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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