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Spices That Burn Fat

Spices That Burn Fat

Spices That Burn Fat

In this article, I talk about some specific Spices That Burn Fat. Getting more of these in our diets will not only add more flavour and delicious tangy zest to otherwise ordinary dishes but actually help you in losing some of that excess fat that you may be carrying.

With excess fat being a cause of a number of health issues including but not limited to erectile dysfunction, it is a pretty good idea to get on a diet program and start to lose weight, especially the excess body fat.

Spices That Burn Fat

It is well known that there are a number of spices that have the ability to help us in our fight against the flab and here is a list of just some of them.

Black Pepper: Contains Piperine, a natural compound that gives this seasoning its taste and heat. In Eastern Cultures, it has been used to treat a number of conditions including upset stomach and inflammation.

Piperine has the ability to do something called adipogenesis which is the blocking of the formation of new fat cells. It is also used to make the existing herbs that you are taking more potent and effective.

Ginger: Is great for fat loss and for erectile dysfunction as it raises your testosterone levels by an average of 17%. Increasing levels of this hormone builds lean muscle and helps to metabolize fat. It also has very good properties in fighting inflammation, influenza, and colds as well as back pain.

A nice spicy ginger tea in the morning or early afternoon is the way to go.

Spices That Burn Fat

Ginger, great for fat loss, dieting and increasing testosterone!

Cinnamon: An Aphrodisiac in Spanish culture. It is known to reduce the build up of abdominal fat thanks to containing powerful antioxidants that are called polyphenols. Adding Cinnamon to your food helps to fight off insulin spikes and regulate blood sugar levels.

Cayenne: Eating a lot of Spicy food could send you on many toilet trips, but the active compound capsaicin, which gives chillies their kick is proven to augment thermogenesis and reduce stomach fat.  Thermogenesis is your bodies ability in burning the food that you consumed as energy.

Mustard: Literally, one teaspoon of mustard seeds helps you to burn body fat by increasing your metabolism by 25% and continues to do so for a few hours after eating them.

Spices that Burn fat

Mustard rather nicely augments your metabolism by 1/4

Garlic: A natural statin known to reduce your cholesterol, and improve your circulation as well as phytochemicals that help to break down fat. Also, a testosterone booster and extremely good for the heart. Best eaten raw, often too spicy, can be ground down and have the same effect.

Turmeric: Turmeric gets its colour from curcumin, a natural plant based compound which suppresses fat growth. A powerful antioxidant and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties also. Curcumin also accelerates fat metabolism and lowers cholesterol.

Spices That Burn Fat

Turmeric, excellent for suppressing fat growth.

Now you have a list of 7 magnificent spices to add that zest, zing, zang, and tang to your meals, you ought to consider using them to spice up what could be ordinary meals and help you to lose weight and burn some of the excess fat that you may be carrying. They will also help you to fight the flab and erectile dysfunction in a completely natural and easy way.

Lean Belly Breakthrough

The lean belly breakthrough is a natural diet program that uses spices, herbs, and ordinary everyday food items to help shift stubborn fat in difficult areas. No crazy energy sapping exercises are required, only 5 simple movements and you could be saying goodbye to half a kilo (one pound) of belly fat per day.

At the cheap and rather inexpensive price of only $27, it is more than worth your consideration when you think of all the health problems other than impotence that come with being overweight and just how difficult losing belly fat can be.

As part of the program, they have a list of foods and meals that are known to boost your libido! which alone is worth the price of the product.

For more information about the Lean Belly Breakthrough Click the link or post insert below!

Spices That Burn Fat

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

If you have any questions about Spices that burn fat leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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