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How To Manage Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction Using Natural Herbs

Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction

How To Manage Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction Using Natural Herbs

Erectile Dysfunction, per say, is not as difficult to manage as the Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction is. You might think ‘what is the difference?’. The difference lays in the root cause of the problem.

When your erectile functions are affected due to mental stress, it can be tackled only by avoiding this cause and that is where the difficulty in erectile difficulties lay. Avoiding stress is almost impossible given the kind of lifestyle we are living.

Erectile difficulty is a common sexual problem affecting many men. You will be surprised to know that more than 18 million men in the US above the age of 20 are affected by this condition. And a large percentage of them suffers from it due to stress! [1]

Keeping in mind these statistics, it has become extremely important to identify how stress contributes to erectile problems and what you can do to relieve mental stress so that your sex life is not affected. Let’s begin with understanding why stress is such a common cause of sexual difficulties.

Development Of Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction

When your mind is stressed, it can have an adverse effect on how your body functions. One of these functions includes the process of sexual intercourse. So, this explains why men experience an inability to get erections when they are anxious and stressed.

However, it is not as simple as it seems.

Mental stress can also contribute to the development of other disorders that directly or indirectly hamper your erectile abilities. Here is a brief discussion about how some disorders can worsen Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction.

Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction

Learn to deal with stress and the causes and you could very well give a body blow to other health issues such as erection problems.

Disorders That Can Worsen Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction

  • High Blood Pressure

Being stressed can raise your blood pressure due to the higher tension in your arteries. Due to this, the blood flow through different organs such as your heart, brain and your penis is reduced.

And when this happens, your heart is less able to pump enough blood to your penis, and your brain is less able to function properly to send the sexually stimulating signals to your penis that it is time to “stand up and be counted!”

When your penis does not receive a sufficient amount of blood and the appropriate signals, it fails to become hard and erect thus worsening stress related erectile dysfunction. [2]

  • Diabetes

When you are stressed, your body perceives it as a situation, which requires you to be prepared to fight or flight at any time. Hence, in order to support your stamina and strength in the time of emergency, it ensures your body receives a regular supply of a high amount of energy.

Unfortunately, this mechanism of your body results in high blood sugar levels which is nothing but the body’s honest attempt to keep you ready to fight the stress inducing factor. However, this mechanism, instead of protecting you, turns dangerous for your health as the high blood sugar levels make you prone to diabetes. [3]

Diabetes, in turn, worsens stress related erectile dysfunction by causing damage to the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels in your penis. It makes your penis weaker and less able to become erect during sexual intercourse!

  • Obesity

The incidence of obesity is higher in men who suffer from stress related erectile difficulties. When men are stressed, they tend to eat more. So, there is an increase in the quantity of food they consume.

But, the problem is not limited only to the quantity of the food. They also switch to unhealthy eating habits by consuming foods low in nutrients and high in carbs and fats because these foods give a sense of pleasure.

However, such dietary habits lead to obesity, which worsens erectile problems as the excess fats accumulated around your tummy and penile region create obstacles in your ability to get a strong erection. [4]

Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction

Obesity could be a result of stress, both of which lead you down the path of poor health, weak erections and no sex!

Other Stress Induced Disorders That Cause Erectile Problems

Apart from the disorders discussed above, men may also develop stress induced erectile dysfunctions due to other ailments like high cholesterol, and prostate cancer. Endocrinal abnormalities caused due to stress can also reduce testosterone production and affect your penile potency. [5]

Additionally, the medications prescribed for the management of these chronic illnesses often cause serious side effects that hamper your sexual abilities.

In this manner, stress, if not controlled properly, finds its way to the different organs of your body, affects their functions and creates abnormalities in the process of getting an erection.

How To Manage Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

If you are unable to ward off the factors causing your stress, you can strengthen your fighting spirit by using the natural herbs that relieve stress in a safe and natural way. The powerful adaptogenic properties of Rehmannia, Rhodiola Rosea, Mucuna Pruriens, Bacopa Monnieri, He Shou Wu and Albizia could protect you against the negative emotions, energy and feelings thereby restoring your sexual prowess and potency.

Stress is an inevitable part of our life! You must have heard this often. But, if you give it a second thought, you will realize that it is not stress that is inevitable but the just causes of stress. The hectic lifestyle we are living nowadays is full of stress inducing factors like job pressure, financial strain, and multiple responsibilities.

However, there is a healthy way to fight stress and the effect it creates on your physical health. And the natural herbs provide you this opportunity. These herbs, by acting as adaptogens, would enable you to improve your ability to fight these stressors with a positive attitude, more confidence and improved brain functions.

The powerful medicinal properties of these herbs may also inhibit the development of disorders that contribute to stress related sexual dysfunction. These effects of the natural herbs can improve your mental, physical, and emotional health and enhance your erectile potency. Now that you have learned how stress can hamper your erectile function, without wasting any more time, start using the natural herbs so that stress goes out and sex comes back into your life.

Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction

How Can Herbal Remedies For Stress Help You Manage Erectile Problems?

If you have any questions regarding the factors linked to Stress Related Erectile Dysfunction, leave a comment below and I will be most certainly get back to you as quickly as I can.

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