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Find The Morning Glory Meaning For Your Erectile Health

Morning Glory Meaning Featured

Find The Morning Glory Meaning For Your Erectile Health

The real Morning Glory Meaning could be a glorious sexual health. Morning glory refers to the erections that you get in the morning when you get up. It also refers to the hardness of the penis that occurs unknowingly while you are asleep. This erection occurring at your subconscious level could mean a lot to your sexual and erectile health.

There is something about human nature and health that reflects reality when the signs appear while you are alone. Take, for instance, a simple smile. If you smile when you are all alone with no one else around you; you really mean it. This smile comes from your heart and is a true reflection of the positive feelings you experience.

Similarly, an erection that occurs when you are alone – alone in the sense when there is no physical touch or visual stimulation – it reflects good sexual health. It means you have it in you to get a rock hard erection. Morning glory reveals a lot more about your sexual, physical and emotional health. Read on to learn what is Morning Glory and the wider meaning it encompasses.

What is Morning Glory Meaning?

Morning glory, morning wood, early riser, morning tent, breakfast boner – whatever you may call it; all of these terms point to a rather strange phenomenon that you experience when getting up in the morning: An erect penis! In medical terminology, it is called Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT). [1]

Waking up with a hard penis after a refreshing sleep has been an intriguing aspect of being a man. If you have ever let this experience become a cause for concern and thought there’s something wrong with you; there is absolutely no reason to feel alarmed.

Morning glory happens to all men, to be more precise all healthy men who do not suffer from erectile problems.

However, a lack of morning glory could signify an underlying condition that could worsen your existing erectile problems or trigger the development of sexual difficulties. The various aspects of morning glory meaning, why does it occur, and how you could get it are discussed in detail in the free ebook, “The Secrets of Morning Wood.” Here are a couple of interesting facts about the morning glory meaning and the secrets it reveals about your sexual health.

Morning Glory Meaning

Morning Glory Meaning and Why Does It Occur?

  • Do you know that morning glory meaning could indicate healthy testosterone levels in your body? When you get an erection, the corpora cavernosum or the tissues in your penis is engorged with blood. This effect is achieved due to the higher levels of circulating testosterone, the male hormone, in your body.

The reason for why you may get an erection in the morning is the brain releases a higher amount of testosterone during the night and early morning. This results in an involuntary erection, or the Morning Glory as we call it. [2]

  • Morning glory may also occur if your bed partner, whether a woman or a man, accidentally arouses you due to the physical closeness or touch. So, morning glory could occur even in the absence of any sexual stimulation.

Getting an erection simply due to an unintended physical stimulation could mean your penis is capable of being hard and erect. This indicates an absence of any physical cause of erectile difficulties that prevent men from getting an erection such as a low testosterone production, improper blood flow to your penis, and a lack of proper nerve supply.

Morning Glory Meaning

These causes of erectile problems occur due to health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and endocrinal imbalances. If morning glory has been evading you, it could be due to the presence of these illnesses. You can read “The secrets of Morning Wood” to find some effective ways to manage the underlying causes of lack of morning glory and improve your sexual health. [3]

  • Now, there is another side to the Morning Glory Meaning. So far, we learned that getting morning glory as well as on-demand erections could indicate good sexual health while the absence of both could indicate a physical condition that has affected your sexual health.

However, there is a possibility that you do get morning glory, yet you are not able to get an erection when you actually try to get it. That means, you get an erection when your brain is subconsciously working towards it, but something prevents you from getting an erection when you try it with all your intent!

This peculiar situation indicates your conscious self is not as strong as the subconscious working of your body. You may be in good physical health, but your conscious mind is too stressed or suffers from anxiety.

These negative emotions could be preventing you from getting hard erections. Taking steps to avoid stress and anxiety as mentioned in the book, “The Secrets Of Morning Wood,” would help you get morning glory as well as hard erections as and when you would like. [4]

Getting up in the morning with “your flag at full mast” is a beautiful nighttime phenomenon that indicates a natural response in the healthy, sexually active men. Men who suffer from physiological (and not psychological) erectile problems, usually do not get Morning Glory.

If you are getting hard erections in the morning quite often, the morning glory meaning would suggest good sexual health. However, if you are not getting morning glory at all or getting it rarely, you should take steps to improve your testosterone levels as well as physical health.

You can get your free copy of “The Secret of Morning Wood” and read this book to find some effective natural ways to improve your erectile health and get morning glory. The book is also helpful for the men who experience morning glory. It would help them understand the different mechanisms involved in the same. So, why wait any longer? Get your free copy of “The Secrets Of Morning Glory” to find everything about this strange, yet an interesting phenomenon.

Morning Glory Meaning

Here’s Everything About “What Is Morning Wood?” Before You Start Reading It!

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