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Could Lost Empire Herbs Blue Vervain Tincture Help You Get Harder Erections?

Vervain Tincture

Could Lost Empire Herbs Blue Vervain Tincture Help You Get Harder Erections?

Want stronger and harder erections? Of course, you do, who doesn’t? Every man wants to have a stronger and harder penis, especially those who experience erectile problems. If you Google solutions to this problem, chances are high you’ll come across some products that don’t really work. One of the most potent, yet largely overlooked, products for male sexual dysfunction is blue vervain tincture. This post focuses on a herb that has been used for centuries in many cultures and you’ll also learn how to use Lost Empire Herbs blue vervain tincture for maximum effect.

What Is Blue Vervain?

Let’s get familiarized with this plant first, shall we? Blue vervain or Verbena hastate is a herb from the vervain family, Verbenaceae. The plant is found in North America and Europe, but it is also present in North Africa, China, and Japan. Vervain plants do well in well-drained soil and full sun and they are often found in meadows and along the edge of roads [1].

Blue vervain has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine of many cultures. Druids considered vervain one of their sacred plants. Together with rue, vervain was a commonly used ingredient in witches’ cauldrons [2]. Native Americans and ancient Romans used vervain plants to purify their homes and address different health conditions [3]. Ancient Egyptian mythology mentions vervain too and it is believed the plant started growing after goddess Isis mourned the death of her lover Osiris.

Blue vervain can be administered in different ways such as tea, infusion, cream or salve, foot soak, and tincture. For men with sexual dysfunction a tincture is the most practical option. Why? Tinctures are absorbed fast and they get to exhibit their effects quickly, thus allowing you to experience noticeable improvements.

Vervain Tincture

Blue vervain tincture is made from this very plant.

How Can Blue Vervain Help Your Sexual Difficulties?

Blue vervain is a powerful plant that treated a wide array of health problems throughout history. Although it can be of huge help for men with sexual problems, especially erectile problems this is not its initial purpose. In fact, blue vervain makes your penis stronger and harder indirectly.

What does it mean? It means the plant i.e. the tincture improves common problems that lead to erectile difficulties. As a result, you experience improvements in your erections and get to experience improvements in your sex life. Here are some benefits of blue vervain tincture for your sex life:

  • Helps With Your Stress And Anxiety Levels

a growing body of evidence confirms that psychological problems like stress, anxiety, and depression are major risk factors for erectile dysfunction [4, 5]. Blue vervain is a relaxing and uplifting plant that stimulates the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Studies show it is effective in the treatment of anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia, and other problems [6]

  • Improves Your Dental Health

did you know that poor dental health impairs your ability to get hard? Research confirmed that erectile dysfunction is related to chronic periodontal disease [7]. Fortunately, tannins from blue vervain improve healing of your gums, reduce bleeding without adverse effects [8].

Vervain Tincture

One of the surprising, yet good for improving your erectile health is blue vervain tinctures positive effect on your oral health.

  • Great For A Full Body Detox

detoxification is one of the oldest uses of blue vervain. The plant has a diuretic effect that allows your body to expel toxins and excess water. You’ll be happy to know detox power of blue vervain can help improve your erections because environmental and toxins are major risk factors [9] for this common sexual dysfunction too.

  • Detoxifying Effect

tannins in blue vervain are potent antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress. Not only does oxidative stress accelerate ageing and harm your heart, but it also contributes to erectile dysfunction [10]. Through antioxidant properties, blue vervain could improve your erections by improving blood flow and strengthening your heart.

Lost Empire Herbs Blue Vervain Tincture

Blue vervain tincture isn’t like a Viagra or some supplement created to improve strength and hardness of your erections. Unlike those products whose effects are direct, blue vervain tincture takes an indirect approach by fixing problems that lead to weak erections rather than masking the issue.

The Blue Vervain tincture is a medicine made by dissolving a plant or herb in alcohol. Lost Empire Herbs website is probably the most accessible source of spagyric blue vervain tincture. Here are some important info about this product.

Vervain Tincture

Blue Vervain Tinctures Active ingredients

Besides the above-mentioned tannins, blue vervain tincture is an abundant source of active compounds such as verbenalin, verbascoside, verbenin, and hastatoside.

Is Spagyric Blue Vervain Tincture Better Than Regular Tincture?

Yes. The manufacturing process of spagyric tincture takes longer compared to regular kind, but the herbal extract is far more superior. Basically, the tincture has a higher active compounds content this way.

  • How To Take The Vervain Tincture

Generally recommended dosage is to take one dropperful, about 30 drops, twice a day. However, you can also divide this amount into smaller amounts (6-12 drops) that you’ll take throughout the day. Bearing in mind that tincture has a bitter taste, some men may prefer splitting big dosages into smaller ones.

Vervain Tincture

Taking Blue Vervain Tincture in the correct dosage could most certainly help you to ger stronger erections.

  • Is There A Time Limit When I Should Stop Taking Blue Vervain Tincture?

Not really. Blue vervain tincture is a natural remedy that you can take for months or years without experiencing negative effects. The tincture isn’t a supplement or pill that you need to take a certain period of time, it works to support your lifestyle.

  • How Long Does One Bottle Last?

It depends on how much you take. Typically, the bottle has 40 dropperfuls and if you take one dropperful (30 drops) a day, it will last 40 days, but if you take two dropperfuls a day it will last 20 days.

  • Does It Require Cycling?

Blue vervain tincture isn’t a steroid, erectile dysfunction supplement, or any other product of that kind which needs to be taken in cycles. Therefore, no it doesn’t need to be cycled.

Blue vervain tincture is an excellent administration method for men who want to use this herb to improve erectile strength, but also to support their health and combat some conditions. The tincture is safe to use and doesn’t cause side effects. I suggest that you try Blue Vervain Tincture to improve your erection quality, particularly if physical pain such as knee or back pain or stress and anxiety are the root causes of your poor erections and dissatisfaction in your bedroom.

Vervain Tincture

Can Blue Vervain Tincture Help You Attend To Your Erection Problems? Find Out In This Review

If you have any questions regarding Blue Vervain Tincture, leave a comment below and I will be certain to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.



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