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Can A Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction Help You Get Harder Erections?

Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction

Can A Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction Help You Get Harder Erections?

How many times have you wanted to buy a topical cream for erectile dysfunction, but weren’t sure how to find a reliable product? The answer would probably be “more often than I’d like to admit.” Don’t worry, and you’re not the only one.

With increasing popularity of erection creams and hundreds of these products on the market, it has become difficult to find the one that will truly work for you. In order to help you out, I’m going to discuss benefits of erection creams, how they work, and provide useful tips to find an ideal product.

What Is An Erection Cream?

Erection creams and gels are topical products formulated specifically to help men to enhance the hardness and strength of their erections. They are available in the over-the-counter form, i.e., you don’t need a prescription to get one.

Erectile creams and gels are available in pharmacies, drugstores, and even online. They are usually formulated with natural ingredients, but some of them are not. Unlike dietary supplement, a topical cream for erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be used on a daily basis. The user needs to apply it prior to intercourse or before he masturbates. In addition, erectile creams can also be a part of a foreplay routine.

Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction

Who Can Benefit From Topical Creams For Erections?

Topical creams for erections are primarily created to help men who can’t achieve or maintain their erections long enough for pleasurable intercourse. Men whose erectile difficulties are caused by impaired blood flow can find these products incredibly useful.

Besides, topical creams and gels for erections can be useful for men who want to increase the strength and firmness of their penis as soon as possible. For example, if you’re just about to have sex and have no time for the pill to kick in, then the gel is a fast and effective solution. Men who want to experience intense orgasms and avoid ejaculating prematurely can also benefit from topical creams and gels for erections.

How Does A Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Okay, you know what these creams and gels are or who can find them useful, but do you know how they actually work? The truth is that information about this subject is limited, many sources are unreliable, and it’s difficult for men to find accurate explanations. Let’s change that!

  • Improved Blood Flow

The primary mechanism of action that topical creams exhibit is increased blood flow. Many of them use ingredients such as l-arginine, an amino acid that raises levels of nitric oxide. You see, nitric oxide is a vasodilator and promotes proper blood flow all over your body, particularly to the genital area. In fact, low levels of l-arginine are linked to weak erection strength [1], studies show.

Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction

Topical creams for erectile dysfunction could improve your blood flow.

  • Energy Boost

A combination of ingredients in topical creams and gels may also promote an energy boost. This is particularly important if we bear in mind that fatigue, especially when it’s chronic, could lead to erectile problems [2]. The surge of energy could promote your mood and thereby make you more relaxed, stress-free, and focused on the sexual encounter that is about to happen.

  • Urinary Tract Health

Some topical creams such as ProSolution Gel contain ingredients like bearberry extract that may promote the health of your urinary tract. If you think this is irrelevant info, you should bear in mind that urinary tract infections often go hand in hand with erectile problems [3]. This isn’t such a shocker. After all, strong erections require good health and wellbeing of your entire body which also includes your urinary tract.

  • Antioxidant Effects

Formulation of topical creams for erections also tends to contain ingredients that act as antioxidants. They neutralize free radicals, and oxidative damage, i.e., stress they would cause. Oxidative stress has a negative impact on your health, and it also impairs testosterone levels [4]. Moreover, hormonal imbalance leads to weaker erections. By exhibiting antioxidant effects, these products allow men to strengthen their defences against free radicals and therefore avoid problems associated with erectile difficulties.

Due to the fact that creams and gels are applied directly to your skin, they don’t have to be digested which is why the effects are instant. Users notice results as soon as the gel is applied.

  • How Is A Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction Applied?

As I mentioned above, there is no need to apply topical creams and gels on a daily basis (unless you have sex every day!). The process is easy, put some cream or gel onto your penis and gently massage it into the penile tissues. There is no need to apply too much, a pea-sized amount or a teaspoon is enough.

Manufacturers provide usage instructions, so you just need to follow them. As soon as you apply gel to your penis, you’ll notice effects. Your wife or girlfriend can apply the cream for you, that would bring extra heat into your bedroom.

  • How To Choose An Erection Cream?

If you Google a topical cream for erectile dysfunction the search engine will list tons of results and a multitude of products. Not all of them work equally. Some are effective, but other products do nothing yet cost a fortune. Here are criteria to consider while looking for a cream or gel for erection:

  • Reasonable price
  • Natural ingredients that truly work
  • Compounds that increase absorption of other ingredients should be in the formula
  • Special offers available to help customers save money!
  • User reviews: are they positive or negative
  • Safe to eat
  • Condom compatibility

How ProSolution Gel Stands Out?

Above in the post, I mentioned ProSolution Gel, a topical product that aims to help men achieve stronger and harder erections. Reasons, why this product stands out, are numerous, but the bottom line is that this product matches all criteria that a good gel should meet. For example, not only is it reasonably priced, but the manufacturer also provided multiple special offers that you can choose from.

The cream has a natural formula including aloe vera and mango butter which increase absorption of other ingredients and allow you to experience results faster. User reviews are positive which only confirms its status of the best topical cream for erectile dysfunction. The gel is safe to eat so your girlfriend doesn’t have to worry about oral sex. Plus, the cream is condom compatible.

Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction – Conclusion

Topical creams for erections are quick solutions for men who want to have a harder and firmer penis in a matter of seconds. They are made with natural ingredients and perfectly safe for your lover too. If you’re about to look for one such product, do your research, and choose the gel that works rather than buying a “shady” topical product that doesn’t do anything.

Topical Cream For Erectile Dysfunction

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If you have any questions regarding a topical cream for erectile dysfunction, leave a comment below and I will reply back as quickly as I possibly can.



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